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Too Far too Slow this part's really Hard did that look natural too far one More time a little too Far nailed [Music] It hi welcome to cookie week I'm Sol ay At the New York Times cooking studio and Today I'm going to show you how to make My rainbow r cookies out of my Book wow so I wanted a cookie that you Can make instantly that doesn't need Creaming or chilling or anytime at all So this is the cookie that you eat when You want a cookie like right now so the Batter comes together in one bulk it Uses melted butter so you get more of Like a dense chewy cookie that's really Nice with all of the crunchy candy Mixins you can change up the mixins if You don't want to do the M&M's and the Sprinkles add anything you want this is Not a cookie if you're one of those People that doesn't like something too Sweet this is too sweet and that's the Point it's like candy but in cookie form And I really like it cuz it feels like After you eat one your teeth are going To fall out and sometimes that's what You need but I wanted like a really fun Cookie that isn't like you know isn't Trying to be too Serious now we're going to mix up our

Cookie dough it is very easy one bowl no Tools so we've got brown sugar and white Sugar and then a little baking soda Baking powder it's going to seem like a Lot of salt but you really need it Because there's going to be a lot of Mixins in here it's going to help Balance all that sweetness and we're Going to mix that up with melted butter The melted butter is going to make the Dough really dense and chewy which is What we want and we're just going to Stir It Up and it's going to come Together and kind of look like wet sand I really like to add the leavings at This point I know some recipes have you Whisk it into the dry but I feel like It's like a little bit harder to evenly Distribute and once you add your flour To your mix with most pastry recipes you Don't want to over mix once you get the Flour in there but at this point we Don't have to worry about that so we can Really take our time and mix and make Sure all of our leavening is evenly Distributed Okay so we've got this kind Of wet mixture and I'm going to grabb my Egg from the fridge I want a cold egg For this cuz I find that it helps the Mixture come together a bit better than If it was room temperature when I want a Lot of air incorporated into my either Cookie dough or cake batter I'll use Room temperature ingredients but here

We want it to stay nice and dense and You can see once you add that egg that Whole mixture gets kind of creamy and Now I'm going to add my extracts there's A lot of extracts going on here and I Think it's really key to the flavor I Really want this to taste like a box Cookie and the the secret to that box Cookie flavor is this Trio of extracts So we've got pure vanilla extract Imitation vanilla and a touch of almond Extract and something about that mixture Makes everything taste like like Hostess Or pills Berry or Betty Crocker if you Are a fan of these flavors I think it's Worth having a bottle of imitation Vanilla extract around I think that it Gets a really bad wrap I think it has a Really delicious flavor it's just really Bad branding I would call it '90s Nostalgia in a bottle right so go for it Now at this point if you need your Cookies right away just proceed with the Recipe but if you have like half an hour You can let this mixture hang out it's Going to help the sugar dissolve a bit And it's going to make the cookie even Chewier but if you don't have time you Can skip it it's like an optional step If you want to level up the chewi so if There's any like lumps of brown sugar Now's the Time to work it out you can't Over mix yet cuz there's no flour this Is our base dough this is a really

Simple drop cookie dough that you can do Anything with so get crazy I'm really Inspired by Christina tosy I think she's The first person that got really wild With cookies she loves just using Everything from the bodega inside of a Cookie so you can do that here just like Add some tortilla chips corn nuts I Don't know what else could you put in Here chopped up rollos whatever the hell You're feeling and now we're going to Add our mixins we've got our rainbow Sprinkles I like the mini M&M's okay cuz I want that high ratio of candy coating This is controversial if you're here for Chocolate fine go for the fulls size M&M's but I'm just here for the sugar Right many M&M's have more of that sugar Coating which I think is perfect here The real move is to after a holiday like After Valentine's when they have Leftover Valentine's Day candy and the Aisles are looking kind of sad just like Snap all that up and throw it in this Cookie dough so if you go a little crazy And it looks like the mixins aren't Holding trust me it will hold I've put In so much in here and it'll work just Pop it in the fridge for like an hour Maybe 2 hours come back and you'll be Able to form Cookie Balls with it just Believe believe and it will cookie now a Lot of cookie doughs they tell you to Rest it in the fridge overnight or a

Couple of days to deepen the flavor with This recipe it actually will make it Worse this recipe is formulated for you To mix and bake so if you actually rest It it's going to dry out it's going to Lose that chewy texture so you really do Have to mix it and then bake it right Away and we're ready to get Rolling now to form the cookies you can Use two spoons to like make little balls Or uh I love using a disher it just Makes sure that every single cookie is The same size which is really important To making sure that every cookie bakes Evenly you see how I'm packing it with The dough and leveling it off that also Makes sure that each cookie is going to Be the same size we're going to make Things efficient so I'm going to work Assembly line style I'm going to scoop All my cookies first and then I'm going To go back and roll them in some more of Our mixins just so they're really fully Coated in this Candy when you go online and you see These beautiful cookies with like Puddles of chocolates or covered in Sprinkles this extra Extra Touch of Rolling it in whatever is inside the Cookie is going to make it a little Extra Beautiful you're either going to like Love this cookie or hate it I love it my Husband absolutely hates it it's fine

There's more cookies for me he doesn't Understand [Music] Joy I know that in the reviews people Are going to be like there's so much Sugar in these that's the point if Someone comes to me and it's like I made This recipe but I cut the sugar in half And instead of M&M's I added fruit like Why are you even making this cookie so I'm going to get this first tray in the Oven while I continue rolling my balls It's going to bake at 375 for somewhere Between 14 to 16 minutes I don't like to Make them too Brown cuz then you lose That like chewy mle but if you want like A fully crisp cookie throw on a couple Extra [Music] Minutes [Music] Okay it's finally time it smells Incredible you get that combo of the Vanilla with the vanilla and the almond Extract and it's my favorite part Sprinkles have an aroma you know and We're getting a lot of that oh my God it's so aromatic and nostalgic and It's just like so sweet so crunchy from All the sugar I'm already like bouncing Off the walls I love this cookie if it's A little too much Rave for you you know Add whatever mixings you want then I Think it's perfect and we're going to

Have it with classic cow's milk it would Be so weird to make this and then dunk It in soy milk that's just not right you Know these are best I think eaten same Day but if you want to store it the best Place to store it is actually in the Freezer it's going to keep it the most Fresh I like to let them temper or warm Up slightly in the oven before eating But if you eat them Frozen it's also Kind of cool if you're into that like Frozen Candy Vibe you can find this Recipe and all the other ones from this Week on New York Times cooking I have a Good idea of what this Is and I'm still Thrilled yeah it's everybody's cookies That's exciting I'm super excited to dig In thank you I know CL you're not Kidding [Music] It [Music]

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