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#recipe #cooking #food #culinaryarts #noodles #dinner #newyork

Took three years to find the right Nan Recipe I found it at olle restaurant in New York City on 30th Street it's a Really beautiful restaurant where they Make their own nangan noodles I've never Tasted a bowl of these cold noodles that Was so perfectly calibrated so strong in Flavor but yet pulls back when it needs To and I think that's the joy of eating A bowl of these cold noodles when it's Cold like that the savoriness really Builds up in intensity as you keep keep Enjoying the bowl this particular Variant of Nan is called M Nan because It is served with that brothy kind of Cool slushied soup you can't really get That slushy texture unless you add some Water to the broth the water ensures That the very collagen Rich broth can Turn to ice contrary to popular belief It doesn't dilute it it it really opens Up the flavors that clean crism of Vegetable radish noodle broth egg it's Sort of a complete dish

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