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Seafood a l’armoricaine: Brittany answer to the bouillabaisse

Welcome back to the channel this is Stefan on the French Cooking Academy and Today we're making a Britanny specialty Called the fish or the seafood a Learnwork and the name armor again is Very similar to the American sauce American which is a mother source so What exactly is the difference they are Very very similar and yet today I'm Going to explain the little things that Makes all the difference coming up I'm sure many of you wonder what is the Difference between the famous American Sauce American which is a mother source And this preparation dishes that you Keep on hearing sometime which is called A fish It sounds very similar some people think It is just a mispronunciation from the Boraton the people in Biryani but I Don't think it is the case larmorik First of all is the old name that used To be used to define who identified Brittany so when we say fish or seafood Alar moriken it simply means fish or Seafood Brittany Style The flavors are exactly the same as what You will find in in a sauce American but Because the South American is a Modesto That takes a very long time to make you Need crab you need fish we need wine you Need reduction this recipe is really Actually taking a shortcut so with this Recipe you can actually use anything you

Can use white fish mussels crabs you can Use prawns and instead of having to make An American sauce the little difference Or what makes all the difference is this Here this is a brown or crayfish bisque The bisque is a type of creamy thick Soup that you find in French cooking and That is also a base And that has the taste of the American Sauce and it is what is being used in That dish to accelerate the whole Process So instead of having the whole true American what you do use some basic Ingredients and you can just fry your Fish the crop by the way is optional That's just me but you can just use fish A bit of alcohol and you pour that Bisque over with a little bit of water a Bit of tomato and you recreate a kind of A look-alike of the American in no time And I believe maybe I'm wrong but I Truly believe that this is the big Difference the dish a lamborghin is Simply a faster way to create something That tastes almost the same as the American sauce version and that's what I'm going to be showing you today this Is the Amazon Plus you'll find all the Details of course on the recipe Link in The video description and let me tell You that even though you see there's Lots of things on here you'll be Surprised to see how easy it is to make

Such a delicious dish so let's get ready And let's cook Now I'm using crabs here they are blue Swimming crabs which you what you can See on here typically found in the Indian Ocean South Australia or even in The warmer part but you can use any Small crabs in front we use also the 83 The green kind of little crabs you know All the chip crabs you can use these you Can use Browns if you're of crayfish but It's optional I'm you're just using this Because they were at my fishmonger and You know it's a great little things to Have so I'm gonna wait for here I've got At least a good two tablespoon of olive Oil and when it's smoking hot we're Gonna call the crab first whoa it's Going so I'm gonna Take my crab in there Not overcrowd the pan And we're gonna Sizzle this Make sure we've got a nice reddish color And you get to love crabs I love that They change color you know they go to That standard kind of blue and they go Red with a magnificent transformation But you get the idea so we're gonna Spend a few minutes Pre-cooking our crabs in there giving Some nice coloring and that's plenty of Flavor I love to use crabs there's a Very powerful and favorite they pack the Punch all right so second batch is done

What I'm gonna do now what do you think Well yeah American sauce usually you Have a bit of a flambe so what we're Gonna do we're gonna take we'll put some Fire in the kitchen the exhaust fan is Is off And we're gonna plump it a little bit The crabs that's a big flame there it Will result it will result don't worry So is it scary when you do a Combi but That's it my crabbies are ready I'm Gonna reserve them in a bowl okay up as Soon as I'm done I'm gonna add my shirts and this is like The typical or the classic mirpur we got Some carrots And we're gonna spend Raise the Heat Two minutes we've got all the crabby Flavors in here and usually what do we Do in French cooking the deglazing with Wine so white wine Up a dry white If there's species of crabs like here You remove them of course and we're just Gonna reduce until almost dry to remove The acidity Almost dry like the American what are we Gonna do we're gonna add some tomato Paste for the color that we're gonna Cook here for just 30 seconds or so to Reduce the acidity Same as usual same techniques always in French cooking same technique so it's

The same That's enough I'm gonna add a bit Of time and they leave we're gonna add a Little bit of garlic in here Okay mix a whole lot and of course fresh Tomatoes if they are in season when They're not you use chopped whole peeled Tomatoes I'm gonna mix the whole lot And I can tell you the smell of the Cognac the wine the crabs it's already Really nice and now to finish the grand Finale we're gonna be adding the bisque The bisque is very very concentrated I've got like half a liter but I'm gonna Use a little bit here you can see it's Like a sauce American It is already pre-faken you may need to Dilute it with a little bit of water And all what we're gonna do is kind of Recreate almost like an instant American sauce okay so you see that very Thick kind of paste like now let me add Some water you can use one if you want But the one can add some extra acidity Now the water is a bit up to you and be Careful don't put too much little but we Need to cook other things afterwards But it's just to give you an idea Because the best news I'm gonna give you Here is that's that's it we're pretty Much done this is the Luca Arc or the Fast home version Of the American sauce which is sometimes

I would like to compare this to you know The things we've done in our book that's About to come out that's the kind of Spirit of what we're doing to take Things that are hard and make them you Know fast without sacrificing taste and Tradition and techniques at all look at This beautiful so our base is done I'm Gonna use all the bisque that I've got In here so this is a prawn this one you Can have a crayfish bisque and we're Gonna Add Water just to dilute enough Because what I'm gonna do I still want To get some nice flavor So I'm gonna return my crab slowly in There you know to start with To give some booster flavor some some Clothes in here and I'm going to leave These two Cook gently and reduce Before we add the fish and I've got Mussels as well okay so you see the crab Just playing a roll of you know Flavoring the whole thing and you get The nice pieces on here All right so I'm gonna spend here made a Little bit more water maybe spend A similar like good 10 minutes at least So let's Infuse the whole thing here we Want plenty of taste Almost forgot of course Salt and pepper We are done look at the results this is What we call the American style which is

The fast track it's not the mother sauce But would you know that this is not an American sauce did someone ask you it Would be hard to make the difference and There's good crop so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna just keep the half crabs I'm Gonna reserve them because they're kind Of easy to eat and have crushed uh the Legs here to raise the flavor and I'm Going to discard those because there's a Pistachio of seafood sometimes in there You know and it's like so hard so I'm Gonna Keep The Noble piece Okay and then what I'm gonna do with the Rest is to filter that that's awesome It's in my hero for now And that is my my bay is ready We're gonna then use this base to cook The noble pieces which are going to be The fish and the mussels okay so let me Take everything out I'm gonna filter I'm Gonna clean my pan and put it back and Then we'll continue and show you exactly What's the last step is and here we are Look at this we've got our base I'm Gonna turn my heat back on medium medium Something we're gonna warm up which is Now an improved biscuit and if we've got All the flavors and I've got on the side Here my fish that has been seasoned with Salt and pepper and I've got mussels now You can use pretty much anything you Want in here but again the little touch For the Brits and this style of cooking

Is cream so what we're gonna do We're going to add well how much I'm going to start with Two generous tablespoon of cream Okay And bring this to a simmer and get that Lovely color and just love cream I mean For me cream is everything The cream is now in I'm gonna add a Touch of heat with usually it's cayenne Pepper but I'm using aspirate pepper From The Basque country because I think It's just better and usually you have to Use a bitter orange peel I don't have Any so I'm going to use which is the White verb that is made with orange a Bit of orange so not too much actually Just to add a touch I'm going to put This back up And that's it Not still a whole lot And wait for that simmer And when that is done you're gonna have Your base that is now ready so let's Imagine you're at home you got gas you Want to make a specialty from Brittany You don't want to spend hours in the Kitchen you're gonna create this very Fast 15 minutes or something maybe 20 Maximum and you add on you can have your Official numbers already and the rest Takes what six to ten minutes to cook So it's a perfect trick to have you Leave this on the side when you're ready

Boom you put the fissure muscle and you Serve that's the magic of it my sauce is Simmering I'm gonna add The muscles that's all about how to cook And I'm gonna have to put a lid on to Steal them they usually take six minutes Only to get open so it's fine Up and that's going to boost the flavor Again Perfect later on just a few minutes Nice and open all down so the muscles Are going to join the crab on the side And then I'm gonna put the fish and We're gonna be done so for the last Touch you really reduce the heat because You don't want to Like overcook the fish too much and Depending on how thick it is it's going To cook differently but basically you Put your fish A little bit to cook and just before It's cooked we're going to add back the Mussels and everything and bring that to The table all done so very important you See the fish it's not like this big boil Like I had before with the mussels and Now that's it I'm gonna put everything back just to Warm up everything in here And as soon as it's warm We're gonna be serving this an empty one I'm gonna put some of the crab back but You got the idea so just before I put The lid on I like to say that this is

Pretty much the answer to the booya best You have in the south of France in Brittany and this is seafood or fish and My version here fish crab and muscle Let's have a The crab the mussels and the fish it's And it's perfectly rounded but that Touch of cream really make it silky and You got the touch of heat with the Spread pepper absolutely love so once This is totally cooked I'm gonna Transfer this to a nice platter and do a Nice decoration with some parsley the Crabs and everything and show you how It's presented and I will tell you Exactly how to eat it how to serve it And that sort of thing this is my Seafood alar moriken which you know when You look at you're gonna think oh my God This is a bouya best and in fact this is Brittany's answer to the south of France There's always a kind of a rivalry and I Like this because you know what people Think that the bouya best is the end do It all you know but there's more in French cooking than just the Classic That you keep on seeing and hearing on Websites and that's a typical example Seafood official American is different It looks similar but it is a base of a Bisque that's used there so it's more Like crabby kind of crush fish-like Taste and you can use anything that you Want using the technique of the American

Sauce with a bisque which is kind of a Soup base you can you can get in all the Shops that they're very easy to get Allows you to make that dish in a breeze And you can vary the flavor you can vary The fish you can use other things and Whatever you want I highly recommend it Enjoy me again next week for another French cooking video any question as Always comment section below take care Foreign Baby

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