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Spiced courgettes with onion crumble | Mediterranean series

Now when you want to make an interesting Side dish that is a little bit different Than the usual stuff you make and you Only have courgette in your fridge Things can get a little bit difficult Because courgettes even for me I'm not Always a fan because of that kind of Fear of that sogginess when you bake it When you cook them they render water and I'm always looking out for recipes That's already you know that bring Something different and that's what We're going to do now I'm going to share With you a very simple Ultra simple Courgette recipe that are baked in the Oven and that are made a little bit Different than the usual because we're Gonna borrow some Mediterranean AKA Moroccan influences into the dish to Spice things up so half of it is gonna Be like the typical French stuff forget The garlic the onions The Parsley the Courgettes and we're going to use some Spices to really bring that dish to life And you see when it's done it's a really Good one now like I said if you don't Have much time and you want something Nice when you you know you're out of Time you want to do this on the run in The oven without using pans this is the Perfect recipe the ingredients are Extremely simple we're going to use Courgettes young ones are better but I've got you know different size so I'm

Going to show you how to use them and For the Main Ingredients is basic onion Here that is two onion thinly dark you Can use a food processor or do that by Hand about four garlic cloves that are Crushed and the rest are just spices a Bit of paprika cumin and these are Called Moroccan spices when it's done It's finished we're going to add a bit Of pasta or coriander if you want and You know drizzle of lemon juice it is That simple now you may wonder why we're Doing some kind of Market inference Because it's French cooking because Tunisia and Morocco you know have a big Big role to play in the French Canadian Landscape and we've got lots of dishes Like the couscous for instance Like the tabouli that are really on French tables all the time and these are The kind of dishes that some people make At home a lot and now let me show you How it goes it is super fast to make You've seen it I've already diced my Onions I've got the garlic I've got the Spices and you're left with the quartet The great thing about that recipe again Is that you don't even need to peel the Courgette you can even leave these Little stems what I'm doing I'm just Removing a little bit just the end bits In here and if you want if it's you know A bit untidy just a tiny bit of the you Know of the hard part or what you need

To do is to cut your courgette In pieces so depending on the side okay I'm starting with that that size here You're going to take it and you keep on Going With your knife you don't mind about the Shapes you want these kinds of little Strips like this so that's for long Courgettes if you end up with a small One same thing you're gonna do the same The same bits on here and the same Applies now you can go with your knife And follow the shape of the courgette And otherwise you get something even Okay so ideally These ones here are the ones you want to See you see the difference If it's really large it still works but Then it gets thicker and it's not going To cook the same so when you're cutting Vegetables always remember the size Matter try to have everything of the Same size if you can in a shop get Everything in the same size so I'm going To do the same here with this one okay Which is going to be harder so I'm Showing you the you know the what if you Have you know a vegetable like this how Do you handle it with the same thing I'm Just gonna start You know and follow the shape on here as Much as I can it's not it's not easy and You could cut it in half yeah if it's Too awkward but usually it is soft

Enough So that you can go through and it's Going to make very very long strip now As soon as the corsets are done you Reserve them on the side and now you can Start making that onion mixture or the Flavoring mixture it is extremely simple You take a bowl all of the onions are Going in followed by The garlic Mix a bit You can see Ultra simple and then spices I've got the American spice the paprika Document on here I'm gonna add a touch Of salt on here a bit of pepper Some olive oil so about three tablespoon And also you're gonna need about three To four tablespoon of water Okay and what you need to do now Is to mix up everything And that's about it so you can see it's Very very simple there's nothing Complicated So you mix well and we're going to leave This to sit for About three minutes something time for The the spices to diffuse a little bit Now in normal times You have to make this in a baking dish But I always find that baking dishes Like this as soon as you get three or Four courgettes boom it's totally Overcrowded and it's not gonna cook Properly and it's gonna be again soggy

Not sogginess is really the one thing I Don't like so what I'm doing I'm using The baking dish first only for one thing First you wash your hands and this is a Baking dish simple I'm taking all that Spice mixture here the onion mixture and I'm gonna pour that over And I'm gonna use my hand here That I've washed Clean Hands okay to Massage the courgettes into the mixture To make sure they're all coated with Everything we are done with the Courgette what's left to do is to Preheat the oven now 200 degrees Celsius About 400 degrees Fahrenheit and while This is happening just leave this to sit And they're gonna kind of macerate a Little bit and then baking time So as you can see the process is really Not difficult and now for the baking or The cooking of the courgettes I'm going To be using this now this is my oven Tray the one you get with your oven and I didn't use to use that thing that much But nowadays more and more for anything Quick and fast and home cooking I'm Using this because there's lots of space And it's brilliant so what we're gonna Do we've got here the zucchini by the Way of course you can Oak wash it I'm Gonna grab them okay gently and then Place them on my tray leaving some space Okay so we're leaving some space in here Making sure it's not overcrowded or it's

Not gonna crisp up and that's it and I'm Gonna gather all the juice after from The pan and pour some over okay Hold on so you can see here I've got Plenty of space nothing is crowded but You can see there's not too much of that Onion mixture on there so what I'm gonna Do here I've gathered all the juices and The onion in a bowl and I'm just gonna Go ahead And add a little bit Some moisture here and there on the Courgettes Or the zucchini before I'm placing this In there you want to keep some because We're going to be basting on the whole Mix later on okay When we're done here or what we need to Do Is this parchment paper I'm going to Just cover this slightly to let it Steam And I'm going to cook this now in the Oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes After 15 minutes this is how things Looks like I've just removed that Parchment paper and it is just to kind Of start the cooking of the courgette in Here and it is now that we're gonna Actually do that secondly you can add Some more oil by the way if you think It's not moist enough And yeah as much as you want a little Bit plenty of it I like to have plenty Of juice everywhere and you we're gonna

Caramelize this now Under the uh in the oven without any Covers on this is the difference so you Remove the parchment paper And all what we're gonna do is to leave These onions To Brown a little bit and kind of semi Caramelize and that's going to be it Look at this it's been 25 minutes in my Oven with the courses I've used remember That time is not always you know precise It can be it get very depending on the Size of course at the oven and you have But basically that's the look you want Something nice and soft not soggy a Little bit burnt but this is just you Know the way it looks out of the oven we Now we need to dress that up into a Serving dish and add the final touch With a Sprinkle of lemon some parsley Plus my special onion crumble made with Breadcrumbs super easy that I'm going to Show you right now this is a bit of an Improvised thing I'm taking all of these Onion bits from my baking dish that I Had okay medium to high heat and I'm Adding Some bread crumbs in there that's all it Is and I'm gonna cook this a pan fry the Whole lot Until it crisp up and it makes you a Nice crumble that you're gonna be able To use with the courgettes it's a nice Addition okay but don't burn the bread

And here we are as soon as these Resemble like a nice crispy croutons you Are done the crumble is ready So here are courgette Good but it's all in the finishing touch That things usually really really take Shape so when you cook it pays off or Have this little extra bits on the side So what we're going to do here I've got The lemon we're gonna start here with Sprinkle or Zing you know of fresh lemon On here you can choose with either a Little bit of parsley or fresh coriander Again roughly chopped you don't want to Make it too formal or anything like that And that special mix that I always do is This this is my special this is my Creation which is the onion crumble and I absolutely love it because it gives That crunch that looks it's brown it's Appetizing it works really really well But that's it look at that perfect So here we are what do you think if You're looking for something really Casual you're a vegetarian you want to Have a bit of salad a light lunch this Is the perfect entry these zucchinis and With this little American touch a bit of A fusion French Moroccan are absolutely Beautiful the juices are in the Everything has been absorbed and that Special crumbs really bring these to a Whole new level so I hope you enjoy that Recipient most important I hope you're

Gonna try it that's it for this one I'll See you next time on the next video of Course for another great recipes here [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Baby Don't wanna overthink it baby

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