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Sweet & sour glaze | 4 recipes in one

This week we're talking about sauces and I'm going to show you how to make an Ultra simple sweet and sour sauce you Can use on its own and then how to Transform it into three other sources For four sources in total using just a Few ingredients let's go now I don't Know if you remember this pan I've shown Before this 18 cm small sauce pan made Of copper and I did say I'm going to be Using this four sources and today it is It's time to shine and for a sweet and Souru things are going to be super Simple because sometimes you get lazy You know if s is like what I'm do and The sweet and SOS in French cooking the Base is very simple it's called a Gastric a gastric is a mix of caramel And vinegar that's about it but making a Caramel with the white sugar and stuff It's sometime a bit of a pain because You have to get the color right if it Goes too far it may burn etc etc so I Thought what I'm going to do I'm going To replace that and make that base Caramel using coconut sugar or raw sugar Like this you got the viscosity you got The color and all what you need to care About is just the consistency and adding Vinegar into it and that is going to Represent how B sauces free ingredients And let me tell you this is more than Simple to make let's go on the stove When it comes to Sauce making oh my God

That's going to be hard but sometimes Sauce can be super easy so let's have a Look I'm putting you right into the pan So you can see what's what's going on Here so all what we're going to do we're Going to take first the sugar you put Everything on the the video description All the the ingredients we got the sugar In there we're going to put the vinegar We're going to put some water And we're going to put the heat On and basically that's it it's bubbling Away so when things start to Bubble like This and heat up you're going to see That your sauce is very Liquid okay and all what we have to do Here is to wait until it become really Like a syrup a kind of a thick syrup and That's all what we're going to need now I have to say that this copper pan is Crazy good I'm on really low heat here And you can see that thing it's bubbling Away and my sauce is almost ready within 2 minutes it's already thicken it's mad You see that kind of really dark color The sauce is ready and look at the back Of my spoon here you get that real color That kind of caramel it's already there You got all the color it's syrupy and We're done turning the heat off and Leave this to rest so we all done and it Is hard to believe how good that sauce Is look at this this is the consistency We want to see that shine it will stick

And coat to any slow cook meat like a Pool pork a pool lamb that sort of Things little tip if the sauce gets too When you leave it on the side of the Stove here you can add vinegar or water To it to dilute it and even warm it up Anytime you want it's not a problem it Will recover it consistency very quickly Now that we have the base Source let me Show you how to transform it into Something else so as you can see making The Bas Source it's super simple it is Only meant to be served in small Quantity because it is quite Overpowering it will great with anything Like a pool pork a slow lamb or anything Like that so that's the source on its Own but if you want to go further here Are three other option that is used in French cooking uh where you can use that Gastri get Bas sauce and build upon it The first SCE you can build with this is The orange sauce come I'm called the big Sauce this is a bit of a you know a look Like a cheat sauce a cheat version an Easy version but it's a mix of lemon or Lime orange juice pressed in redu that You're going to mix with some quantity Of that Bas sauce I'll give you all the Instruction in the recipe card don't Worry the second one is the English Style the mint you chop the mint you Stir it through the sweet and saour Sauce let it Infuse and filter again to

Get rid of the leaves and you're going To end up with a sauce highly flavored With mint the last one is Port the port Sauce same thing we're going to be Reducing Port adding the sweet and sour Sauce into there and you're going to Have the same sauce with a slight Port Accent so let's recap base sauce orange Sauce mint sauce and por sauce four Sauce in one but that's it this is all Da St it's super simple one base sauce Three extra sauces and you will find all The information on our website on how to Make all of this I would recommend Trying the base Source first try to pair It with lamb and pork tell me what you Think and if you want to go further try The orange the mint on the port I will See you anyway next time we're resuming Of course our rotation we're going to Begin again with another starter on the French Cooking Academy so make sure to Join me again next week take care all Bye-bye [Music] [Music] Giving me wind Rain Of baby [Music] You whip up [Music] My don't leave Me oh

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