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Taste of Corsica: Mouthwatering Beef Ragout Recipe

Island if you don't know that place this Is the best French island you can visit It sits on the Mediterranean next to sic City so imagine you get the most Beautiful water beautiful Seaside but on Top of that you've got of course the Food the corsicans are actually quite a Bit of a special Bunch they would Absolutely hate to hear you say they're French And they would also not want to hear That they are Italians even though they Are next to Italy and France but they Are just Corsican they do things their Own way and especially when it comes to Food now the good thing with Corsica is That there's a mountain in the middle And they got everything there they got The cured meats the cured ham their own Sausage their own stock fruits veggies Plus all the things from the continents And from Italy they eat lots of pizzas Lots of pastas Etc etc but the way they cook Is actually quite interesting and this Is what we're gonna discover today with The course you can beef stew now that Recipe is really special because it uses Kind of two technique the French one and The Italian one The stew is made the typical French Fashion pieces of beef you can have some Bacon some garlic some white wine There's a tomato base it's going to be

Slow cooked in the oven right for two or Three hours like a bourguignon kind of Thing but when the meat is cooked what's Happening is something totally different That we don't do in France they take the Meat they take it apart and all the Sauce that you've made is then stir Through large macaroni pastas to make a Pasta dish and instead of this pasta Covered in sauce with the meat and cover The whole lot with Parmesan cheese Uh good Shivers just talking about it Needless to say this is going to be a Special one and a really good recipe to Try So let's start with the ingredients of Course you'll find everything on the Recipe card what's important first off Here the beef has to be cut in large Thick slices like this and it will Shrink while cooking it has to be Something that is suited for braising or Slow cooking any cut that you like the Mushrooms the recipe calls for dried Porcini mushroom I only have a leftover Morels that are absolutely beautiful That I'm going to use instead but I love The fact that it's using dry mushroom Because you can have them in your Cupboard and take them out at any time The rest simple garlic rosemary some Onions the bacon usually it is lardon Which is a slab that you cut in Matchstick style I could only find these

Thin slices but we're still going to be Able to use it for the rest just some Passata which is a tomato sauce some White wine I usually dry one and the the Pasta I'm going to use as the only one I Found again at my shop bigger would be Better but you want something large like This they're really going to go Oversized and perfect to capture all That sauce but for the rest that's it Now let me show you how we're going to Be cutting The onion and what we're gonna do with These pieces of meat here very important That For the food preparation they're cutting The slicing measure everything starting With the onion cut in half and then Sliced The beef like I showed you large cubes The garlic you want to make little Slivers like this little Matchstick and The rest half of the garlic like this And the rest you can just crush it or Mince it up to you the bacon ideally Matchstick but if you don't have much Thick straws you get a little square Because we're going to do something Special with the meat with that And to finish your dried mushroom you Soak them 30 minutes in boiling water And we're about 100 mL of water in there This is my morals okay now let me show You what's going to happen with this

This is the special thing here So what exactly is that special Technique we're doing with them it is an Ancient technique used for the buff Burger new one I'm glad to see it's Making a comeback in that course you can Stew here so what consists of is you Take your piece of beef and you infuse Or you stuff each piece of meat with Garlic and bacon this is why you need Matchsticks so I've already made you Make a cavity with a knife an opening Inside okay so you got a hole and you're Putting one piece of garlic one slip of Garlic in there followed by a piece of Bacon Okay and you stuff that in there and That's the piece of it and you're going To repeat the same thing for each piece Of meat that's the real technique And by the way if you're not sure how to Make this incision don't go poking like This from above because you may cut Yourself always you take your piece of Meat flat and you put your hand flat Your blade under very sharp knife and You're going to be slicing And be like almost like if you were Slashing in love like fidgeting okay and You make a cavity in there And you don't kind of trying to poke Your hole like this in your thing you're Gonna catch yourself so flat put your Knife slice and you get an opening

That's it And voila we are ready to go on the Stove I've got the onion slice I've got The baby in the Rosemary the extra bacon The extra garlic three tablespoon of the Passata I've got the mushroom ready Steel in their juice on the essence or Their brine where you could have got the Wine as measured the meat has been Filled with garlic and bacon and the Mushroom if you use Morel for each one You need to you know Pat them dry and Rinse them on the cold water to make Sure there's no scent you're going to be Keeping the juice of the mushroom we're Going to be using it when we're ready Get your podcast iron and oven proof Dish and let's go on the stove And now let's start the recipe you'll be Glad to hear that most of the work is Done but like any slow cook dish the First step consists of Browning the pieces of meats I'm taking A cast iron pot here with One and a half tablespoon to two Tablespoons of olive oil And the meat has been seasoned already With salt and pepper and I'm gonna Brown Each side Now you want a nice coloration on each Side so I'm going to turn the piece to Show you you see that kind of brown when It's like this you turn over so you're Going to repeat for all of the pieces of

Meat Brown like this on each side and Then Reserve everything back onto a Plate before we do the onions as soon as The meat is browned I'm gonna add the Bacon or the leftover bacon And the onion Reduce the heat to medium and we're Gonna cook this for a nice 10 minutes After a good 10 minutes you can see your Onions I've captured everything you see The oil that starts to to come out it's Not watery anymore and you have that Look of cooked onion you see how they Look like this they can they start to Become very soft so now it's time to add All of the garlic Cook this for two minutes and then we're Gonna add the rest of the ingredients That looks pretty good I can smell the Garlic starts to be fragrant so from now On up meat juices the meat in there We're gonna give it a bit of a A bit of a mix first with the onions and Everything else okay not much just a bit Like this we're gonna follow up With to bay leaf a piece of the Rosemary Here what do I've got here mushrooms why Not remember you have to rinse the Inside we're gonna add a little bit Of the passata and of course The wine I'm gonna put that on the side Now to finish usually you put a pinch of Cinnamon in there interesting but I am Gonna use one of these little sticks

Like things okay Boom in there so now we can gently mix The whole lot okay so there's a Pre-cooking time here of 30 minutes Before we add this that mushroom Essence In there and maybe top up with a bit of Water so I'm Gonna Leave This to simmer For a good 30 minutes I think I'm gonna Partly cover it as well to avoid too Much evaporations I'm taking a lead 30 Minutes let's go okay let's have a look 30 minutes Oh That looks pretty good now what we need To do from here after 30 minutes is to Print however that 160 degrees Celsius And then put this mushroom liquor as we Said okay But I I'm gonna add a little bit of Cognac because I can't resist so let us Come down in temperature we're gonna Raise the heat up a little bit And bring this back to a simmer it's Simmering simmering I'm going to turn The heat off and I'm gonna try this the sauce already Because that's an indicator of how good It's going to become That's good You know some people talk about the last Meal now that's Could qualify as a lesbian so I'm gonna Put the delete on and we're gonna cook This in the oven until the meat falls

Apart almost for like two and a half Hours something like this and you can Check it as time goes to make sure the Meat is not overcooking but in the oven 160 degrees Celsius until it's ready and Then we'll share the result together I Can't wait after two and a half hour a Bit more this is what you're gonna have Let me tell you I've added a little bit More water during the cooking but look At that result look at this color as it Is intensely beef it's reduced totally And that is the typical French side of The dish so usually in France you've got This you already know in Corsica they Got it one step further what they are Doing they're scooping off the meat out Of the dish Cover it with sauce on a bit of mushroom And they're going to use the other half Of the sauce as a steer through from the Pasta so you're going to take a big pot Of boiling water boil some pasta I'm Using rigatoni you can use macaroni so Nice tubular pastas and when they're Ready we're gonna stir this through and Then serve okay so scoop the meat out in A bowl bit of sauce bit of mushroom keep This warm in the oven prepare your pasta And then I'm going to show you how it's Going to work with that steer through in The serving and everything all right so My pasta is a smoking hot and they are Ready now keep in mind that from here

You need to bring the heat to medium and You can freestyle the sauce if you want To add a bit of cream in there a bit More tomato maybe a bit of more stock if You want more sauce and then reduce it a Little bit you can do this before you Add the pasta I'm just gonna respect the Recipe because I would automatically add Cream in there I mean this you know I Love cream but the idea is All the pastas in actually I've got a Bit more here Let's not be greedy Okay and then we're gonna seal the thing Through So let the magic happen and transform This is a thing the Ragu in in Italy This is how pastas are really made and They're just drenched into the the meat Juices of some dishes it is not like Always The Bolognese that we know you See look at this shredded meat if you Want you could even Shred all the meats and have this over The pasta And that's it we're ready to serve we're Gonna take the meat put this on the Plate and add the Final Touch so we've Got the meat and the pastas they're not Boring you know they're covered with Sauce in here and I've got some extra Juices meat juices I'm gonna use To avoid the meat from drying leave it On the pasta in there but what we want

Here Is this now this is the Italian Touch Parmesan By the buckets this is decadence 101 Juicy meaty now the meat look at this It's shredding Like hell I can put shreds of meat on Here over my pastels you know it's nice And cook you know what let me grab some Meat and try some of these macaronis There I'm starving some Parmesan [Music] If I want You know what I'm gonna take the whole Season there Take that horse falling apart it's Shredding it's full of Parmesan it is Gorgeous but I'm gonna finish with a Nice juicy bits with mushroom and we'll Leave it there Um Absolute goodness Now that was a superbly tasting dish Super comfort food the Corsican beef Stew how French half Italian and really It comes together at the end and when You have the pasta for the sauce the Parmesan in the meat wow this is really Where the dish showing as I said you can Flavor that sauce differently if you Want to add cream stock fresh herbs or Spices make it your own you can also Make the dish ahead of time like the Middle day before like it's when the

Guests arrive you warm up the meat cook The pasta mix everything together and Serve easy peasy now if you've never Tried that recipe and you're curious Even though as a pasta dish this is one I super highly recommend it is tasty Okay see you in the next video [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh I don't wanna do today

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