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The Best Homemade Fried Fish Sandwich | Sue Li | NYT Cooking

I realize that I don't have a wet hand Dry hand both hands are going to get wet Anyway it's all going to get dirty you Have to clean up just keep Going hi I'm suie from The New York Times and today we're going to make my Fried fish sandwich this is an Inspiration based on all the fried fish Sandwiches that you can get at fast food Restaurants my favorite ones are from Obviously from McDonald's because fileto Fish is the UN IAL favorite a fried fish Sandwich is for any occasion especially When you're feeling like you need Something crunchy and very satisfying And you're not afraid to get your hands A little Dirty we're going to make the tartar Sauce there's really no secret the only Secret is the soy sauce here we're going To have mayonnaise you add Capers Shallot bread and butter pickles plus a Little pickle juice and Dill Oh I forgot the secret ingredient okay The soy Sauce definitely put soy sauce in your Tartter sauce it's the extra Umami that You didn't expect that's it that was Fast here we're going to prepare the Flounder for drudging and then frying I Use flounder for the recipe and I think For most fast food restaurants they use Poock I find that flounder has like a Softer texture and um it's very access

Ible so you can pretty much get this Fish anywhere we're going to take each Flounder filet and cut them crosswise so You get a nice squarish piece and it's Okay if they're kind of falling apart Because once it's breaded and fried It'll still be really delicious and the More edges you get the crispier it is so It's never a bad thing you always have To season your food as you're cooking it With a good amount of salt I'm both Sides so the dredging process you dip it In flour first shake off the excess you Dip it in egg wash two eggs beaten Lightly and then you coat it with panko What I like to do is I like to pick it Up and really press the panko in to the Fillet so you really coat it well I Think it's important for everybody to Know that when you're buying panko buy Japanese panko the consistency when it Comes out the texture is very Different and it's puffier that's fry Fish we're going to heat about a cup of Vegetable oil in a straight sided pan You can tell that it's ready when um There's a bit of a shimmer like right Now it's not ready cuz you can see that There's like hot parts of the oil and The cooler parts and they haven't really Fully melded together let's do one test Cuz cuz I see movement so this is more Of a shallow fry not a deep fry so don't Be intimidated put the fish in the pan

But then you're going to move it away From you so the oil doesn't Splash onto You okay I've seen people just like drop It down and then obviously they're going To get burned and they're never going to Fry again move it away from you and then You'll Fry at about a minute and a half And um and then flip and then finish on The other side so you see the edges of The fish are slightly golden I think it's about time to flip look at The visual cues when you're cooking when You're frying something like a very thin Fish like flounder and then you have Breading on it it already looks toasted And golden just go ahead and flip it Even if it hasn't reached a minute and 30 seconds on one side so like I said Earlier you know it's okay if it falls Apart it's just double crispy who Doesn't like double Crispy so the edges of the pan might get A little hot just move your fish around While it's in the pan so that the fish Touches different parts of the Heat so Golden Delicious we're almost done we're almost Done okay so I just took the fish out We're going to season with a little Salt okay let's make our sandwiches so I Like to put the cheese on the fish while It's still warm I also want to say I Really like using American cheese it's My favorite sandwich

Cheese I realized that my buns aren't Toasted I think Um I just don't toast my buns okay now I Want you to spread the tartar sauce on Both sides of the bun and you might have Some extra leftover use the leftovers And mix it with drained tuna and make a Tuna salad so now we're almost done you Just do this make sure I have the Bottoms Here okay here we go [Music] Isn't doesn't it look so good get a Closeup get a closeup This I can't wait to eat it I think the Best pairing with this is obviously a Fountain Diet Coke but the second best Pairing is a very very cold pilzer in a Very cold Glass I like a foamy Pore I don't even know what to say Except that it's perfect It's actually a perfect sandwich you all The textures a lot of flavor amazing Tartar sauce very soft bun not toasted I Hope you guys make it and if you want to Make this recipe and other recipes you Can go to New York Times cooking app and Search for fried fish Sandwich

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