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The Boeuf bourguignon everyone can make | One pot wonders – Ep. 2

So last week we did a chicken fricassee Which is a white Ragu freak I say is a Synonym of the white Ragu this week Total opposite we're gonna do the brown Ragu we're gonna revisit the buff Burger New and this is called the estufad Burgundy and when you hear it's too fat It means it is a brown Ragu but we're Gonna make it the easy way straight Forward again in a one pot version that May again surprise you let's go [Music] All right time to make a buffoon one pot Style now the one question I'm getting All the time when I go to a friend's House you know it is this do we serve The carrots with both borginho tricky Question in fact when you make it by the Book you use an aromatic garnish with Some celery carrots and onion to cook The meat but you then discard it and you Don't serve the carrot with the Bourguignon the garnish that is served Is typically saute mushroom caramelized Onion and saute bacon but We're not at school we're not in a Restaurant so today we're gonna leave The cards in because it's one pot and no Big deal now another interesting thing You way you may want to know is that Back in the days the birthday was not Cooked with this which is red wine it Was cooked only using Madeira wine and Cognac imagine this because this the red

Wine in the day that was for peasants The case drinking white wine like that's Ridiculous but of course and today's Modern times and having a red wine is Pretty good so get ready to do the mizon Plus and we're starting the recipe Okay Let me zon plus what do we need very Simple the onions we're using pearl Onions mini onions like this you try to Peel them nicely and you leave them Whole that's the first thing okay just Peel them and wash them Mushrooms what we're gonna do with these We're gonna take a knife and you can Quarter them Like that That's what it needs to be done okay Next Garlic we're gonna use some garlic what Do you do boom crush it and you're done Now did I tell you about the book again What is the book again those people are Asking me so you got this this was a Piece of a leak Leaf you get this Sometimes it's normal time you get this Which is some parsley Brown cheese you Can fold it together like that and if You want you can add even this a piece Of celery on top of that you're going to Put a bay leaf and all what you do with That bouquet garni is that you're gonna Roll this like that And then take a string

Like this and then you know mix Everything together attach it and you're Done and basically that's it for the Carrots we're gonna just peel them I Like to use a small one because you can Leave them whole if you don't like that You know what you can cut them in half It up to you but that's about it and now The meats so of course you need to get Something that is suited for slow Cooking this is Chuck steak you see all These little pieces there's some fat you Got some lean part and all what you need To do is to kind of detail this Any little chunks like that you can do Smaller if you want you can just cut This in half but it will shrink during Cooking okay so you're gonna take your Piece of meat and you're going to cut it The other option is this that I Absolutely love These are the short ribs beef short ribs As the butcher to cut them in half and They're super Compact and easy and they Diffuse lots of flavor I also I want to keep the Rind for my bacon Here and I'm gonna throw this in the Dish to give some more taste okay so That's for the beef we got the bacon And this Is the other bacon now this is bathing In liquid and this is my little trick I'm pouring Madeira wine into the bacon Here and leave it to marinate for half

An hour or something I'm gonna pour the Juice into the preparation it's gonna Further enhance the flavors and you're Gonna have this you know taste from the Old days so hold on so this is my meat And the thing not to forget of course Before anything you don't season in your Dish otherwise all these excess salt is Gonna ruin your dish but a good amount Of salt and pepper on there and I like To put a good seasoning to start with I Guess there's a minimum of adjustment to Do at the end right so let's make this Special one pot star cast iron pot again I'm using a larger one and the first Thing we're gonna do is to add about you Can put like about a tablespoon of oil Sunflower or grab seal and contrary to The last time where we didn't color Anything this is going to be totally the Opposite high heat and we're gonna be Searing the meat properly on all side in Batches all right so the color is this Kind of brown here that we have and this And the same goes for the shortage use Them On all side boom cos here Last bit of meat is nice and brown I'm Gonna Reserve this and immediately using This we're gonna start to Sear all the other garnish because we're Making a one pot best to do bit by bit I'm going to start with the mushrooms I'm gonna add you can add butter but I

Think some oil is fine Now if you want which is what I'm gonna Do you can also throw in your onions in There We're Not Gonna kind of caramelize them But just try to give a bit of color and Mix the whole thing together with Cooking And if you need a little bit more fat as I said you can add a bit of more oil If you like Okay so that's as far as you should go No need to overdo it now I'm gonna scoop This out and immediately start the bacon Bacon goes in All right And you know it was waving into the Madeira wine [Music] So it's a bit humid and it's good Because the pan here starts to be a Little bit dryish But the fat in the bacon is not super Fatty bacon I've got today they only had The loin one it's not my favorite I Prefer the straighty one but hey just Gonna try to color it a little bit Perfect same thing here I'm gonna scoop This out and then the meat goes back in So now our meters back in is a crucial Step or two first Something a full book is like to do Always any Browns use a little bit of Tomato paste like this

To enhance the color Is a good thing okay Kind of mix it around and it's gonna Help for the coloring The second thing I'm gonna do here is to Claim back all of these juices at the Bottom By using The Madeira wine ahead Okay And I'm gonna wait for this to be almost Dry and I'm just gonna dyed it with the The Tomato in there it's gonna be lovely Finally before we put the garnish back In we're gonna add this thing here this Is toasted flour it's a flower that I've Cooked in a dry pan to give the chestnut Color And it's going to give nutty Aroma to The dish and of course thicken the sauce So what we're going to do here we're Gonna carefully kind of mix the whole Thing with the juice in the flour Oh you get the gist so perfect and now We can And same thing here because it's a one Pot you need to have enough space you're Trying to raise everything and make sure The onions and everything is kind of Nicely dispersed don't overdo it but you Know if you can bury the onions on there A little bit It's fine And now we're gonna pour the wine now

Here comes the interesting part Because we're not going to be using a Stock because that's a way of doing the Dishes so I'm gonna put a bit of wine About a bottle And top up with a bit of water Okay and here you can afford Having enough water onto just about Cover the meat so I'm gonna check and You adjust And to make sure there's enough I think I'm gonna need a little bit more now if You want less wine it's fine but don't Think That is too much wine Because honestly if you don't have that Red wine taste in the purple it's not About That's nice look at this so now we're Going to bring these to a light boil and I'm going to put this one which is the Um The skin or the Orion how do you call This the Rind from the bacon Okay I'm gonna put my bouquet garni try To bury it somewhere deep in there And of course don't forget and the Garlic very important again Paul book is Always said anything with red wine needs To have garlic into it and I've tested That Fury I did it without garlic and It's virtually honestly it's not the Same Sign you've got a few carrots

And same thing and maybe you should have Cut them in half when you think I'll see how I go and then we'll bring This to A light boil all right the reason we're Bringing this to a light boil is this You see all these impurities floating on There This AKA is called the scum as well You scoop it out And when you want to work properly and You clean as much as you can the top of There now if you remove a bit too much Liquid Just before cooking this You're simply going to add a little bit Of water okay so a little bit of Cleaning and I'll show you what's the Next step I'm done so as you can see There's always little bit of it that Will come in the surface it's not a big Problem if you want you can remove more And now it's really I've turned my heat Off and we're going to preet oven at 160 Degrees Celsius put the equivalent Finite on the screen and I'm going to Put a lid on transfer this to the oven And let it slow cook in the oven for two And a half to three hours until the meat Really falls apart or can be detached Easily with a fork and that's about it So I'm gonna do this and we'll Shadow is All together Let's go

All right after three hours of cooking It is ready I let it cool down a little Bit so I can attach it and open it but Let's review what do you get now for the Simple whiteboard version with Just Wine And water Foreign This is the result when you don't touch It now The first test you have to do of course Is to look at the meat And you see three hours it's really Really falls apart So you can see everything is just Falling apart falling off the bone on Here everything detaches it's great it's Cooked the sauce I think this being an old recipe from The old is the amount of flour Is maybe a little bit Overkill I think Back in the days they really loved Flowers and everything was like super Thick so I think I will adjust the Amount of flour slightly so you have Something just you know that's perfectly You know a little bit thick but not too Much but away from that honestly it's Not bad what's left to do is just to dig In [Music] So this is what I've been plating Just a sample some carrots some things And remember this is the one pot or what I did was throw everything in there

And you know so let's see How it comes you see how the meat falls Apart I mean look at that You know it's really Um It is definitely perfectly cooked I think I can Do some a bit more sauce in there look At that just got some sauce because if You have a bourguignon you don't have Enough sauce it's not right you won't Actually plant your oil you can put a Little bit more and I'm starving Now that's it all right so let's have a Final word the meat is perfectly cooked The sauce that's what I want to check How tasty is it Mm-hmm It's quite funny you need to remove the Fat if you have Chuck beef I can feel The wine but it's kind of dissolved Actually the onions the seasoning is all Right I think I should have put a little bit more salt While I was cooking it but away from That It's not bad for one pot So to finish how this one pot bugging You compares to the classic method with All the steps the marinade etc etc to be Honest you are not far off from the real Thing I have to say that without the Stock

The beefy flavor are there Etc you have The wine but it's not as intense as what You will get when you use stock but to Be honest with the minimum amount of Effort you have to make this This is highly recommended and it's Brilliant That's it we all done so next week we're Gonna do something totally different and A dish that does not involve mushroom Because some of you have been saying That it's true French cooking has got Mushroom all the time so we are going to Be making a one pot dish from azas Called the baklav which is also one of The subscriber requests so one of you Said I hope we're gonna see this and Guess what we are so tuning again next Week for something totally different and This time no mushroom [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Baby [Music] [Music] [Music] Don't leave me alone [Music]

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