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The chicken fricassée you surely never tried! | One pot Wonders

Welcome to how new video series called The one pot wonders where we're going to Be taking French recipe that's a bit Complex and squeeze them into a one pot Recipe now we can simplify a recipe we Can take shortcuts as long as we know What we're doing and we're not breaking The recipe we are starting here with the Chicken fricassee Old-fashioned style which is different Than what you've seen before there's no Searing of meats there's no searing of Garnish or anything like this everything Is cooked differently serve with a white Sauce and The Taste is something you Surely have not experienced before let's Start [Music] Right chicken fricassee what is the deal Why is there a different version online And here and what I'm telling you is Going to be different well if we look at The language gastronomic which is the World reference for chef and Gastronomy Around the world the definition of a Fricassee is a wise where we were the Meat and the garnish is cooked without Coloration at all so here we're just Going to use mushrooms onion carrots Bouquet garni some creams and wine with The chicken and we're gonna Slightly color everything covered with Liquid and let it cook the whole thing Is then finished with a bit of cream

Some eggs to thicken the sauce and That's it simple little thing but will Really change that recipe if you've been Trying it before with the Browning of Meat and that is super important so now Let's look at what you need now let's Talk Amazon Plus always the same Whatever you cook always get ready for Here this recipe is quite simple you Need what about five or six mushrooms You'll find anything in the video Description a few of these pickling Onions that I'm gonna cut in half One book again a little bit of butter an Egg and with a carrot that you're gonna Peel and slice we're gonna use some Cream about 50 to 100 ml 100 ml of wine And of course the chicken that is in the Fridge so as you can see there's not Much to that recipe at all it's very Simple and very straightforward so we're Gonna start now to prepare the chicken Now the chicken is very important this Is a locally sourced organic chicken it Was a whole piece I've cut it into four Pieces here and the benefit is that I've Got some extra little piece wings and Stuff and that is great for the flavor That we're gonna need for that dish Because we're making it a simple way We're gonna start with a good seasoning On either side salt and pepper To start with so I'm showing you that Side that size and then you turn around

And you do the same And now for the important stuff from the Recipe originally this is made with a Stock mixed with a row to make some kind Of a velute so you need a sauce that is Rather thick because we're not going to Make a varute because we're making the Easy way we still need flour to thicken The sauce so what you're gonna do to Start with Is to sprinkle a good amount of flour on Each piece of chicken And quoted generously in chicken after It's been seasoned that is crucial so That's it look at this once you're done You get plenty of flour we're good to go It is now time to start to go on the Stove using one pot I'm gonna use a cast Iron pot but if you want to use a Stainless steel it's fine as well Finally we are on the stove my Facebook Cast iron potencies I always use for Years and we're gonna start of course by Melting a piece of butter now this Recipe does not require any heavy Coloration at all on any of the Ingredients that means that is a pretty Chill out recipe you don't need to have A raging fire or anything a medium Heat Is fine you can just use this so I'm Gonna wait for this to melt and then We're gonna put the chicken in Listen to this Very chanting when it's chanting like

This it's not a raging chance that's not A concert hall skin first Skin side down And we're gonna just it is called Ready In French cooking it means to firm up The Flesh and a very slight coloration On either side there's not enough space Here so I'm gonna go in batches let's Have a look at what we want This This is the maximum you should ever go To that color that's it nothing more Than that so you're gonna check Everything and then when you have a Little coloring like this that's it it's All what you need I'm doing the second Batch and because I've got plenty of Space I've used these bits and Bob the Wings and the neck here just to color Them a little bit and by the way butter Bothers you if you prefer oil you can Use a little bit of grapes either Sunflower oil to do that thing it's no Problem my chicken is now lightly Colored and you see this brand mark is Really what we don't want so immediately I'm gonna add some more butter in here And we're gonna throw in the onions and The mushroom now same thing apply here We're not I'm putting my heat on very Low we're not coloring anything we Really just almost like just leave these To sweat and to release some of the Flavor before we add the liquid that's

It okay same thing here this is ready as You can see it's not seared at all I'm Scooping out all of the mushrooms and Onions And we're gonna put the chicken back in Now the chicken is back in and I know That you're gonna say oh my God that Doesn't do capitalizing I don't have the Typical brown color but look there's Nothing you can do about it this dish is Not supposed to be sealed and it's not All about having this nice instagram-ish Kind of color you can photograph it is The nature of the dish and look what We're gonna do here we're gonna add Another good tablespoon of flour And mix that with the chicken so you Turn things around with the flowers we Toast it a little bit in the dish Immediately after the flour is in we're Gonna stop the cooking by adding the Wine And then Very slowly while this is bubbling away We're going to start to add all of the Other ingredients that means the Leftover chicken The little garnish That is here of onion and mushroom and We're gonna mix everything well oh well Now because this is a one pattern we're Simplifying everything we've put the Flour in here instead of making a roux And we not using a white chicken stock

So what you have to use is water so all What we're gonna do is top up with water So we barely Barely cover the chicken that's about it And I'm gonna raise it slightly and Bring this to a simmer my liquid is Almost coming to a simmer it is now time To add the additional elements we're Gonna have the bouquet garni I'm gonna Add an extra Bay even of course what do We forget is the carrots on here that we Haven't added okay so I'm gonna put them Here and I'm gonna explain to you what Happened here what have we done exactly That is so special and how did we Simplify That fricassee recipe where you see what We've done here is that we've decomposed Or deconstructed the technique Usually you have to make a roux and use A white stock to make a Volute In order to make that sauce what we've Done here is that we've used plenty of Butter and we added flour on the chicken In the dish to mimic the roux the watch You can stock is now created as we cook So because we've used water and wine Plus the flavor of mushroom carrot Bukhegani and so on and so forth that is Gonna make our stock or that white stock That we need so by doing this technique We've got all of the elements that are Usually present in the original recipe The only drawbacks is that you're going

To have some coloring the mushrooms are Not totally white that sort of things But it's not a big deal so we're gonna Plunge everything under the water we're Going to cover with the lids and I'm Going to leave this to simmer for a good 35 minutes or more and we are so some Little things that I forget to mention Is that after about 15-20 minutes you Need to take the chicken breast out and Reserve them in a little bit of the Sauce here so that they don't become of A cook cooking time for the legs I thought 30 minutes was you know could Go be longer to release some more flavor So I've left this about 40 minutes Because I think you know what chicken Legs there's nowhere to really overcook A chicken leg so we are now done that's What it looks like and what we're gonna Do now is to Simply make the sauce First thing we're gonna do is to scoop Out The legs Okay And then we're gonna discard of course The neck you know that we have the Chicken the chicken neck and the pieces Of wing like this that's going to be Discarded in a bowl okay now of course You're gonna discard the bouquet garni As well do they leave and when you're Done you got your chicken here I'm gonna Take a little bit of the sauce to keep

It moist a bit everywhere I use not too Much and because you need the sauce And then you're gonna take parchment Paper for you and you're going to keep This on the side while we finish this Was for the show the sauce sorry it's Going to be simple I'm going to put These two at medium to high heat and Just bring this to a light boil to Concentrate the taste all right so my Sauce here is boiling and all what we Need to do now Is to take our cream and add a little Bit you don't need to add it's usually Two or three tablespoon don't add too Much because you're gonna have a Reduction time That is going to take forever but the Color that you're gonna have is gonna Depend On that and once the cream is in It is time to really finalize the sauce And that is the reduction Let it boil like this don't be shy and Spend a good five minutes to really get The sauce to that consistency that you Want the usual one is what we say you Know to have that spoon coated Consistency that means when you put on Just put in the sauces here it's a bit Liquid it starts to coat the spoon a Little bit but that's not thick enough So let it reduce it's going to improve The flavor improve the consistency it's

Been 10 minutes and the sauce here has Totally change look at this thickness Look at coats totally the spoon like This it is done but we still need to do The final thickening to for that You take an egg yolk In a bowl you take some of the warm Sauce And you're going to whisk it Take a small whisk like this I'm gonna break this And then we're gonna put this in the pot Before you do so very important you turn Your heat off You wait for the boil to totally drop So you don't want anything boiling in Here otherwise your egg yolk is going to Cook And when it's a little bit calm down in Temperature We're going to slowly incorporate that Mixture this is for a final binding of The sauce okay the final thickening a Bit like a cremon glaze like a custard And that's done I'm gonna transfer this Into a serving dish to show you the Sauce and add the final touches Testing bench set of Cutlery on here and I'm always a lover or sucker for this Chicken breast and I'm gonna just take Some of that sauce and oh what you need To do for that one pot recipe Is to cover That in sauce actually I think the

Carrot is kind of disappeared a little Bit But this is how it looks like okay it's A simple thing this is the one pot kind Of freak I say and surely the different One that you usually seen Because usually it's not like this at All see this is more countryside kind of Old France a rusty kind of thing so Let's be interested you see even though It Cooks quickly you know the breasts I Want to try the mushrooms I want to try A bit of the carrots here the sauce Have a look It's a perfect match Oh it's a bit of the chicken look at That See Even 15 minutes With a little bit of it's not the end of The world but it's a bit dryish it's a Bit dryish but that sauce I can't Forgive the chicken because the sauce It's all in the sauce and I'm saying This is the most important Um Mm-hmm It's good and you know the perfect thing Would be you take some rice with this Like a pilaf rice Absolutely beautiful And that's it we've done it we've Managed to simplify that chicken Fricassee which is quite a converted

Recipe usually in French cooking as you Can see this is not the version you've Seen online where the chicken is sealed With a brown sauce and it will taste Absolutely different this is super Subtle chicken flavors and the flavors Of the carrot the mushrooms and my Little hints if you use thyme in here in Your book you're going to use lemon Thyme it add a really lemony accent that Is excellent bearing absolutely it has To be rice and a good white wine and You're gonna have a bowl so try the Recipe let me know what you think in the Comment section and get ready for next Week we will revisit the good old buff Burginium but this time we're gonna make It super fast super easy and in just one But as you all then take care all bye [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]

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