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The genius behind Bocuse’s chicken in cream recipe

Welcome back everyone so one of our Student came with a great question he Watched an old video from pus where he Was making a chicken in cream and finish By making a sauce that resembl the Vol We've made last week but using a Different method and I thought to answer That question the best was to be making A video and talk about what kind of cook Sits behind the chef now po buus did a Lot of demonstration I'm always Fascinated to watch him on his own do a Dish and to see the technique his Approach and we're going to be Discussing about this this technique Make the recipe and sing two about pus And how it came to be in the sty of Chef That he was let's get Started so let's walk into the step of Buus and see what we can learn from that Recipe and understand which is the Fascinating thing and what the process Is in the mind of PA so first of when he Makes a recipe even a small one from Home one of the trick is that he's using Top-notch produce everything that you See here is very simple at first side You got chicken cream wine one carrot a Bou gar shot and butter you know it's Not much it's nothing extraordinary but He's using a puled breast a breast Chicken the most expensive best quality Chicken there is in France the cream the Wine and the rest will be also topnotch

Quality vegetable from the garden a Great one and a top quality cream so This is the first thing he's doing that Renders everything seamless and easy Because if you have amazing produce you Mix them together well you're going to Have something already amazing at the End even by not doing much so what are We left with a bit of extra flavor some Seasoning and that's about it so for the Cooking here uh the method is of choice That is he likes puku is poaching he Doesn't really believe into roasting Anytime I'm seeing puku making a poultry Even a turkey for Christmas it's poached It doesn't roast anything it says it Takes too much time it dries the meat Why would you bother poaching allows you To cook a chicken in about 30 minutes Time and on top of that you can have a Sauce so what it does it takes the Chicken break it into six pieces and Instead of using a stock you chop all The offcut and the carcasses in pieces And we're going to be cooking this Together in order to have extra taste to Mimic the stock so that at the end all What you need to do is to add some cream He going to have a beautiful chicken Tasting sauce uh with the wine and what You need a little bit of reduction and It just adds some a tou of flavor you Know a bit of carrot for the sweetness Some shallot a little bit of butter

And that's about it even the seasoning Is another little fine line technique it Doesn't even bother to check in between The seasoning for him is like saying now You season well at the beginning on both Sides nice amount of salt and pepper Like this you get the seasoning done Usually at the end it should be pretty Much there so if you're at home of Course we're not going to use the breast Chicken for me here I'm going to use a Standard FR rench chicken I've got a Good quity cream uh a French one you can Use a shabi sh I could not find BL and just a sprain Carrot a few shallots but we don't even Need actually to cut anything we're Going to put this straight into the dish Uh we don't need to peel the garlic it's Going to go with sleeve into the dish And then maybe we're going to cut the Carrot in a half that's about it for the Mison plus and let's begin now if you're Looking for a fast recipe to prepare a Chicken uh this would be it we're going To use plenty of butter you find all the Ingredients list in our recipe that We'll put in the in the video Description and I'm going to wait for This to Foam my but is ready I've raised my heat Uh because here we're going to be Lightly coloring the chicken Interestingly we don't need to kind of

Brown anything we're just going to put The pieces in just wait until we get a Blonde kind of color that's about it That's all what we need so you can use a High heat if you want them because There's plenty of meat in there I'm Going to have to go in Bat chees Here so as you can see I've turned my Chicken you see that color and that's All we're going for and even if it has a Bit of that boiling effect it's not a Problem because we're poaching so this Is the genius of the technique you don't Care you know even there's a bit of Juice in there you got the butter it Starts to make a sauce and everybody's Happy now two or 3 minutes on each side Is maximum and then I'm going to take my Off cut and same thing I'm with my Carcass in the butter and something for A few minutes and I'm REM removing my Pieces as I go so I start with the main Pieces then when there is space I'm Putting the carcasses and just same here Just just a few minutes just to a bit of Coloring and that's it so after a few Minutes what do we have we got a little Bit of coloring in our pan I've got my Off cut and carcasses in the butter and I'm going to put back all of the chicken And mix everything together and we're Just going to add the aromatics very Simple so let's have a look what do we Have I've got the carcasses at the

Bottom I've put my breast towards the Top because they cook a little bit Faster but away from that we're going to Add all of the aromatics I've got the Carrot I've added half a carrot I've got A few onions that you can put here and There and I'm going to Add the buou Gar so the garlic in it Sleeve and I've got the Buie gar that I'm going to plunge in here that's all It needs when you're here H we're going To cover with some wine that's 250 M see We going and then half water as well now Water is also something that paus Mentioned a lot that really always makes Me laugh a lot is that he said do not Use water from the tap because there's The Chlor and chlorine kind of taste so He always recommend you know either Water from a mineral kind of bottle or If you have a whale in your garden but Obviously you don't have this anymore But what I'm using here is rain water Because got water tank here which is Great I've raised my heat a little bit To bring this to a simmer and if you Have a look at this it is pure Simplicity but it really encapsulate Everything so you've got the chicken We've got the wine the water the carrots The shallot the B Garney and all of These flavor are going to diffuse Everywhere for the liquid the taste of The chicken and we're going to cook this

For 25 minutes covered on on on a simmer On a very light boil as if you were Doing a stock and this is pretty much it When everything is going to be reducing The taste is going to concentrate you're Going to have a a lovely kind of Chicken sauce like a chicken broth with Some floral notes with the wine of Course the typical French wine that's Going to go there and the Final Touch is Going to be adding the cream and we're Going to be done it's such a simple Recipe but an efficient technique I Really like that the liquid is siming And let me tell you already it ooes wine Flavor the butter and everything is Start ready to come together but let's Let's wait let's let's be patient Simmering 25 minutes wav it on you can Put it L cover if you want but I'm going To put it on to make sure this cook so Steams the breast on here if it starts To boil too much you reduce the it okay Let's go and here we are 25 minutes I Think 20 minutes is enough and I think Partly cover is best because I think There was a lot of steam staying there And the the liquid did not reduce that Much so when we're ready here all what We're going to do is to take all the Noble pieces of chicken that means the Breast the Tis the legs and put this Into a serving dish or another pan in That case and we're going to leave

Behind simply the Carcass the aromatics that are broken And we're going to reduce the whole lot So make sure you grab Everything I'm going to discard the bou G and if you have the carrot anything That looks good up you transfer it to The other pan so you get the idea a bit Of a shot here going put this in there Discard the and so on and so forth so This is the result what I'm going to be Using of my serving dish and I'm taking A little bit of the juice just for the Bottom so it's not not dry okay bit of Over the the cooking juice over and I'm Using a parment paper I'm going to keep This on the side while we make the sauce For the sauce no need to stress about Anything high heat and it's all about Reduction reduction and reduction but You will note that we're going to Extract as much flavor as we can from All the carcasses that are in there okay So we'll bring this to the boil so it's Boiling so out of curiosity I'm going to Try to see what the techniques bring so Equal amount of water and wine the Carcass is everything do do we have that Effect of like stock flavor does it Retaste like chicken do we have the Flavors of the carrot and the onions And spot on it's seasoned and it's just Right enough salt and pepper you have The taste of wine it definitely tastes

Strongly like chicken as if you would Have used a stock and that is without Reduction so I can say from here uh the Technique works not only it works it Works great it tastes T great and it's Just going to get better by now adding The cream the cream can be up to 400 G Imagine that's a pot of cream because The recipe is called P cre so bit of Cream Okay all right and we're going to mix The whole lot high heat boiling and we Reduce this for a few Minutes now this sorry for the steam is The boiling you need when you have cream And lots of liquid like this don't be Scared to boil the heck out of this to Reduce it otherwise you're going to Spend your entire day waiting for the Reduction to happen so a pretty high Heat and you boil a whole lot that's the Only way to go fast and reduce fast bit Of an audio issue here so I'm doing a Voice over um the last technique we're Going to do here when the SAU is reduced Is to use egg yolks to thicken the sauce Two egg yolks as you see here that I'm Going to be mixing with a little bit of That sauce in here so you take a cream Put this into your egg yolk you mix the Whole lot together with a whisk or Something else and then you're going to Be adding this back into the sauce now This is an alternative technique than

The one we've used for the Vol that use A r and that allows you to really Thicken the sauce a little bit the same Way as you would do a custard this is Very simple but efficient you put the The mixture back in the pan you mix and Just make sure that when you do this the Heat has to be absolutely off you cannot Boil the sauce as if you were making a Sweet custard it would curdle so here no Heat at you use the remaining heat in The pan a small whisk like this just for A minute or two and the sauce will Thicken and be ready so this is the Result when the sauce has been bited What you're going to do is press the Whole lot through a seeve and pour that Over the chicken that you have in your Serving dish or in the other pan so you Can use a fine mesh seeve or a standed Seeve but make sure you press down the Chicken and the garnish to extract as Much juice as we can but away from that The dish is ready let's taste and there We have it I've poured my soft oven I Really pressed down the sauce to gather All the juices and everything and this Is an absolutely great little sauce I've Actually already tried it a little Bit but it's absolutely perfectly Balanced the taste of the cream the Chicken the wine is there and the Aromatic just really add what it needs To make this really a nice it's a

Complement of taste it doesn't become Like a big carrot stew or shot stew end Bonus there's no mushroom if you don't Like mushroom so I'll have another piece On here because I was just so hungry uh But the chicken is perfectly cook and It's super moist you know having been Kind of poached like that and look at That sauce look at that sauce this is 45 Minutes honestly this is good with a you Know a capital Letter I just can't really believe it This just Possible m It's incredible honestly it is bluffing And there we have it this is the chicken And CRM from puku a combination of Simplicity uh knowhow the knowledge of Ingredients and culinary techniques at First it looks very simple this is Extremely quick to cook 45 minutes from Beginning to end and what I'm seeing Here is the you know the Mastery and use Of just older things that work it is Simply bluffing if you make this at home You have guests and you're not going to Tell them what to simple recip online They're going to think you've spent Honestly hours I could see this in a Restaurant easy absolutely easy or what I would say to finish Here this is a strike of Genius I did Not expect something that good even Though I know it was going to be good

But that good with the few ingredients That are in there I don't even know how Is it possible just to say that French Cooking you know what it does not always Have to be complicated and I will leave You with that photo and that picture and I'll see you next time for another video On the French Cooking Academy I hope you Enjoy it take care all Byebye Baby you Me you give Me Wind and Rain B

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