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The new take on ratatouille you must try | One pot wonders Ep.4

Welcome back everyone so for this week One pot recipe I did mention we're going To be using vegetables and of course When we think of vegetables in France The Ratatouille is the name that's come Up but we've done it before it's been Done all over the place so I thought What about spying towards the neighbor's Day and I found a sicilian inspired kind Of one pot rotatory that is like a Ratatouille with just a few extra little Ingredients to bring some new flavor Into the mix and I thought that was Super interesting and guess what the Result was absolutely surprising so if You're vegetarian Shake this one out [Music] For this recipe we're going to jump Straight into the Mison plus because There's not much to talk about but I Like to point the attention to these Like the classical tattoo you got your Beijing the onion the garlic sometimes Celery and we're going to add some Zucchini or quartet and the tomatoes That's the standard but here we've got Some newcomers black olives sultanas Pine nuts Capers sugar and vinegar so it Is almost like a Ratatouille bit of a Sweet and sour pickled kind of kind of Thing because it can be eaten warm or Cold and it's also slow cooked for an Hour and so we're going to make almost

Like a really like a Jammy kind of Consistency of tomato with the sea at Cubes of aubergine and I think it's Really going to work very well so make Sure you prepare everything And I'm just going to show you very Quickly how we cut those but for the Rest it is very important as always to Have all the Amazon Plus ready before You start cooking What I like about that recipe as well is That the Mison plus the preparation of Ingredients is very simple so the onions You can just have them and there's Always that hard bit They're going to find out here so you Can usually discard that like this is Not going to be in your dish for sure And then you can cut the onions doesn't Matter which way you can cut them like This Okay some people like to do this but Some people like to go the other way if You want to cut them like this It's fine as well you see it doesn't Really matter because it's going to be All cooked okay that's for the onion now For the celery it's quite interesting uh Because you know a long time I've made a Video like if you want to read by the Book I need to break the end like this And kind of try to pull the strings out Of the celery it's a bit of a nightmare But if you're at home and you don't

Really have much time you just you know You can get a pillar and just peel some Of the string in there it's always Better to peel some off because you Don't want that in your dish all right So once you've peeled yeah you don't Have to peel everything but it's always Better like this you're just gonna Always trim the and you know the untidy Bit like this and for that recipe we're Just talking about little it's kind of Little cubes Foreign So kind of something like this okay and I don't like the end like this I like to Keep the good stuff from the celery so That's all we need now this recipe calls For cubes something like this okay I've Used zucchini as a demonstration because If you cut the aubergine now it's gonna Get black okay always cut it at the last Moment so how do we get these scripts Sometimes it's a simple thing with Something that's annoying so when you Have something round like this or even Your version you take it I usually slice A little bit at the bottom here and then You make these large slices okay once You got your slices it is very easy to Stack them on top of each other if you Want to make large Cube cut them in half And then you can start to detail Whatever you want and that gives you That kind of cube like shape now when it

Comes to these larger vegetables you've Been seeing me using this right but look At the size of that aubergine that and That that doesn't go this is too small So don't fall into the Trap get Something bigger you know a nice sensory Knife simple and same thing here yeah Gonna remove one piece here we're gonna Remove a piece there and the same I Apply some people like to do this they Like to cut you know first a little bit Like that then they're gonna go and do a Slice Having like this what we want here I Want some larger chunks so three times Here and then I'm gonna have some nice Even cubes like I said larger cubes do This only when you're ready to cook and There we have it for all the things we Prepared we've got the onions we've got The celery I've peeled my clove I'm Gonna crush it like that okay that's it We've got the zucchini and the aubergine Let's go on the stove and now let's Start cooking now as I said you don't Want to waste any time Absorb a lot of oils you want to have a Good two or three tablespoon in there And we're gonna heat the oil up and We're gonna sear the abrasion first and Like I said you did get black very fast So don't waste time as soon as you can Put this in there salt and pepper After roughly five minutes this is what

You have and we can reduce the heat now Just wanted to have a little bit of Searing and immediately we're gonna Reserve everything And start searing some other things okay So everything in the bowl next on the Line onions Celery These ones on a low heat we don't want To recolor them I always still cook them Again a bit of oil the time is up this Is how it looks like the onions and I'm Gonna do the same I'm gonna discard them And then we're gonna put the zucchini in As you can use I'm going in something Here A bit of salt And this time just two or three minutes Now when you finish with the zucchinis Of courgettes all of the hard work is Done the rest is going to happen in the Pan on a very low heat as photo first We're going to add All your versions With the heat to low follow it bye The onion and celery And you're gonna mingle everything well So you see that kind of distribution and It's not too much aubergine not too much Onion etc etc once you're done here You're gonna add all of these extras As soon as the boil comes like this Immediately the lowest of the lowest of Heat

We're gonna add our garlic in there so It's trying to escape there Okay and we're not adding the zucchinis We're not adding the pine nuts and we Are not adding the sultanas right away You can add a little bit Of water nothing more than 50 ml Still little bits And we're gonna cook this very very Slowly until it becomes almost like a Jammy consistency and it is called Kumputu a bit like when making a Chutney It's been 40 minutes as you can see on This term it starts to be glossy a bit Of burn in the middle but that's exactly What you want so when we say kumputi It is really that red action very slow Where we're cooking the ingredients Without any boiling anything like this At this point after 40 minutes we're Gonna add The Sultana is in and very carefully Because very thing is fragile we're Gonna mix them in this by the way is Optional it's my kind of Personal Touch I'm going to add a half of the courgette In here to add a little bit of moisture In there but really not to detract the Ditch I just want to have a little bite Of courgettes just towards the end a Little bit of color and that's it we're Gonna keep on cooking this for a further 15 minutes and it will be done the 15 Minutes I've just passed and we are done

Look at this there's really no liquids You've got a dry pan and this is if you Move the things in there what you want To see See there's no juice that is the most Important you don't want to end up with Some kind of tomato sauce this is not The intention that has to be dry what You're seeing here on the side these are The pine nuts so you just if you want This optional but you can toast them in A pan like this and then we're going to Use them for decoration so let's dress Up and try this let's taste this Italian Or Sicilian inspired Ratatouille let's Zoom on the dish and see what we have Plenty of colors the olives the Aubergine do courgette and the fennel is Digged inside there at first value let Me take a bite and tell you what I think Just straight up oh I can see the capers It's the grapes the raisins The first thing that comes to my mind With this is absolutely grillfish Lukewarm a grillfish on the side and Whatever fish nice and delicate and Flaky that is the perfect combination or Or I can think of as well as a fish Immediately a nice sardine two Bold Flavor so that's the general flavor it's An explosion of different flavors let's Look in more details so if I have here The aubergines Infused with tomato lightly acidic

And perfectly cooked the courgette's a Bit crunchy that I know the olives They play their role reading something Special but what I want to try Is Celery Scrunchy But The celery that thing here that you see Right here It looks like it's not good but when you Bite into it it's like an explosion of Sweetness like it's sweet it's Flavoursome and it's really combined With everything like there's a lot of Things going on in there now to finish Of course the French Stars a piece of Bread And for me I would keep this in the Fridge Bit of balsamic vinegar the next day as An apparently for something like this on A piece of bread like that that is the General idea and then from here just as You just bite into it Um Mm-hmm When you're the French bread you can see It's like France coming to it and go hey The bread Very good now you should try it but Honestly but that's it that will be a Perfect addition I think you can serve This with meat but fish will be best and

Talking about fish next week I'm gonna Try to dig out a 1.3 CP based on fish so If you want to pair this with some fish You better come next week and see what We have in store for you that's it for This week I will leave you with this Picture of the dish who is glory and I Hope to see you all next week for Another recipe on the French Cooking Academy take care all bye [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]

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