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The Ultimate Tangy Sauce for Grilled Pork: A Bistrot Classic

So last time I did mention we're going To be making an extra video and I Thought making a beastro sauce was a Great idea because we haven't covered Sources for quite some time so quick Reminder what is a beastro picture on The screen there are these Parisian Cafes where you sit with the Terrace you Can have lunch coffee cant dinner Whatever you want and watch the world go By and the the spirit of the beastro is These casual types of food but it is the Classic French food that doesn't take Too long to make the sauce a meaning the Funny chop sauce is the one we're going To be doing today it is a Tangi sauce That is specifically designed to be Served with grilled and roast pork okay You can serve it with beef but pork is The way to go it is an interesting sauce Because very Tangy and you're going to Have of course a base of dumy Glass on Which I've got a video link in the video Description but it's based on onion Shallots Capers girkins and vinegar with Hint of mushroom and tomato so that Tanginess goes very well with the Grilled porks it's going to be really Interesting pring and by the way I need To show you that Pan so what is going on here another Copper pan looks exactly similar to The Frying Pan I show you the last time cast Iron handle the Mel full Copper but this

Is a very cute and small pan 14 cm only And you may wonder what is the use of That pan well small pans are actually Super useful for certain things Especially small batches you want to Make a caramel in in a little bit maybe A chocolate sauce you want to make Something with cream you want to finish Off a sauce you start with a big pan you Reduce your filter then you put it in This and you add the final touches and Now for the ingredients I did mention it Was a Tangi sauce to serve but I'm not Lying imagine this you get onions the Shots we got the girkins the Capas the Vinegar and the name sa mean the finop Kind of sauce because everything is Finop okay so we're going to fin up the Onion the shallot the Capers everything Make a duck set of mushrooms and we even Have a finish of ham this is for the Last bit and a hint of tomato as well so Going be a very very interesting so Remember you're going to need to have Either a reduced fien stock a brand Stock for that Source or a home style Demig glass which is the one I show you In the video I repeat this again the Link is in the video description don't Miss that because you're going to need This to make the so so make that stock Or that dmig glass before you even start Making this now I'm going to chop Everything and let you see how it looks

Like so once you've done with your Mison Plus it looks something like this Everything has been measured and you'll Find all the details on the recipe Link In the video description now for the Technicalities of that sauce it happens In two stages the first thing we're Going to do is a reduction in vinegar We're going to be cooking the onion with The shalot and the mushrooms we're going To add the vinegar and reduce this by Half sometimes this is called a gastric We then going to add the sauce base Which is the demig glass and the brown Stock has been thicken nice and Gelatinous with the tomato and do Another reduction these things here are The finishing touches this is only at The end that we're going to add a little Bit of ham little bit of Capers little Bit of girin touch of parsley and that Is going to be it the sauce will be Ready now just before we start I'd like To mention something that you may have Noticed in my Mis onl is that for Instance the shallots that I've got here Are diced and there's a difference Between dicing and chopping so the Source a mean that everything is chopped So when I'm dicing like this and you Think oh that's okay no it's not okay This is not a a is this so you're going To go and you're going to give your Little dicing of FY dice a nice cross

Chop like this to make sure you really Really have that kind of fine Grain kind of result okay so your onions And your shot you want something like That perfect so now that we have the Proper hash technique everything is Really finish CH we can can start the Sauce we're going to use a little pan You can use something slightly bigger if You want and all what we're going to do Is to take the butter and let it melt on A medium heat as soon as the butter is Melting we're now going to Add a mixture of Onion Shallots and mushroom by the way the Mushroom is optional if you don't like Mushroom you can not add the mushroom It's not a problem and we're going to Use a really almost a low heat medium Medium low no coloration And we're going to leave this to cook Very gently without coloration for a Good five minutes because we really want To try to cook these onions properly now 5 minutes is really the minimum time if You have the good pan and everything is Really really thinly Cho uh and I'm Doing this because I want to keep a Slight crunch into the onions and the sh Because it's kind of a pickling sauce Right it's a pickle sauce you want a bit Of crunch you don't want like a mush but If you want you can extend the cooking

Of the onions and the sh everything all The way to to 10 minutes to have Something properly cooked so I'm done Here and what we're going to do from Here is just add the vinegar about 100 Mil raise the heat bring this to a boil And then Reduce by half perfect so my Vinegar reduction here is coming to a Boil I'm going to keep it to a light Bowl not a raging boil and what does it Mean reducing by half it's a bit Abstract so I'm going to I'm going to Put my timer on and I'll let you know When it's ready how much time I spent You see that's too much boil I'm going To reduce slightly so just a medium heat And there we go so it took me about Three three and a half minutes of Reduction and this is what we've got Still plenty of vinegar in there and Here we're going to be adding now this SCE bases I've warmed up I always like To filter it another time another tomato Very simple hold the Tomato In and we're going to mix the whole lot And look at This it starts to take shape okay now We're going to bring this to the boil And again we're going to go for red Action for you know maybe a good 5 Minutes or or something like this on Medium hit for the reduction part of the Sauce You Can Count 5 minutes it really Depends to you know to you on how

Thicker you want to to have it how Concentrate The Taste but the most Important you see you you don't want to Use a raging boil and you got these Starting to form a these like impurities An excess of fat that you can remove so I've got your bow on the S side with Cold water and I'm going to start to That's coming from the Tomato as well And we're going to start to Clean the sauce as it use to have Something nice now the amount of tomato Sauce I've used the esia measurements is Quite heavy on tomato you can do it with A little bit lesser if you want it less Red it's fine see I think this is just All the fat there so after five six or More minutes of reduction your sauce or Your sauce base here is pretty much Ready you can see the bubbles on here Are much kind of thicker okay and we Have the spoon coating consistency that Mean it is ready so so let me turn the Head off for a bit so here we are I Turned my heat off this is the sauce and Look at all the texture in there this All the chopped stuff we have the onions The sh let me TR woo Tangy I like that really that kind of Vinegar sauce with the Tomato in the Background a slight Crush of the um of The onion and shot but honestly it's Perfect and there's no mention of salt

And pepper so I think you can add a hint Of salt a tiny bit and if you want some Black pepper but remember we still need To add the final garnish now why did I Turn the heat off here because it is Important to keep in mind that the Garnish should be added Only okay only just before you serve the Sauce so if you intend to use the sauce Later like me I'm going to grill some Pork chops they're not ready yet I'm Going to leave the sauce like that I'm Not going to add the garnish okay Because this is the last thing you want To do if you had the garnish now in the Warm sauce the giring the ham the Capers Everything's going to start to cook is Going to re lose that wow factor and That freshness and same goes for the Parsley so the big thing here if you Make that sauce in advance go to that Stage leave it on the stove cover it and You can wait for hours until it's ready When your meat is ready you're about to Serve you warm it up we're going to put The addition of ham girkin Capers Etc And then we're going to be serve this Over the mid so let me grill a pork chop And then we'll serve I've got the grill And I'm just going to put a nice pork Chop and there so there we have it Imagine the scenario I was waiting for My pork chog to be grilled it looks nice And ready so now I'm going to warm up my

Sauce slightly at the garnish and we're Going to serve I've got my sauce it's Time to serve I'm going to add a grind Of black pepper in there and in terms of Temperature you can warm up the sauce But it's not the type of sauce that you Want to serve Ultra hot because it's Very Tangy so it's it reminds me this Kind of barbecue sauce that you could Almost serve kind of lukewarm and it Does doesn't need to be boiling hot and From here is the final touches so we've Got g king it's up to you up to one or Two Teaspoon bit of that going have some Tanginess we're going to have the capers In here of course the ham so I'm not Going to add too much you see all these Cho things and to finish the touch of Parsley so imagine all these extra Ingredients in there that's quite that's Quite something and all what we're going To do is a little Steer still a whole lot I'm going to Bring this to temperature and that's it Immediately we are serving what I want To show here sorry about the naked Presentation is really just the sauce And the sauce a the name a look at this Is the texture can you see the texture You see all these little bits of Goodness in here that is the spirit of The sour and you know Really you can put sauce on this you

Know there's not not a problem and you Want to be the generous and I like these Dishes with lots of so I'm going to Drench this in sauce in here and we're Going to have a bite there a big piece Of a FY bit on here can maybe start with That now look at this that's a good Angle you see that layer of sauce I'm Going to add some more it's really all These Pieces of goodness I've got here and you Got that layer you see so when I cut a Piece then you can see what's going on You got the meat you got all that sauce In there and it's actually not like a do Nice become a bit Brown that sauce Actually goes really really well with Por and look at this angle here you can Add more sauce and I love that texture It is so different than the kind of Sauce you always find I'm just diging Cut and you got all this you know this Tanginess in there but not too much it's Just enough beautiful what a Tangy sauce And all this texture I love this s Coffee I think there's always something New so the sauce a remember it means the Chop sauce with all this little texture You bite into the Capers the girin and The pieces of ham it goes beautifully With a pork I've tried here a grilled Pork chop but if you make a barbecue Rose pork it will be fine remember Bistro classic it's not a pan sauce it's

A standalone sauce and you can make it In advance which is great just do not Add the garnish too early wait for the Last minute for the wow Factor for the rest we're going to Resume next week our cycle of stter main Desserts so we're going to go back to The beginning and we're going to do a Starter once again so you know what's Coming and I've got some news on the Patreon side as well if you want to Support us on patreon we got new te is Going to allow you to watch our videos In 4k totally at free if you can't send The ads anymore and you can also join Our French cooking club with more than 700 members where you can interact Directly with me got your question Ansers send you pictures do all kinds of Interesting things but I discover this Thing link will the description I will See you all next week for another frch Cooking video as always take Care don't to over it Baby just Me wind Rain Want

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