This 100 years old Escoffier 30 minutes chili chicken recipe took me by surprise!
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This 100 years old Escoffier 30 minutes chili chicken recipe took me by surprise!

Welcome back to the channel everyone if You've missed last week video where we Announced our first cookbook French Cooking Academy 100 essential recipe for The home cook the link is in the video Description I like to say a big thank You to all of you that have pre-ordered The book because we've made it number One top seller on Amazon for a brief Period of time but we got there so Plenty of interest but today back to the Recipe I was looking for a chicken Recipe that you could use for a kind of A you know summery a lunch or maybe Dinner and I came across an escoffier Recipe called the police Marseille style the strange thing about That recipe video escoffier is using Chili Peppers Is that really a thing I'm not sure Let's have a look This is a bit of a controversy recipe Because a lot of people living in Marseille they will say oh no this is Done with bell peppers I find a few Recipes very similar recipe actually Almost identical except there is no Traces of chili what I think happened With this coffee here is that back in The days remember it's 100 years old on The book and the good Grenada Marseille Is very close to North Africa I would Not be surprised if chilis were common In the south of France and there would

Be some specialty local specialty where You would have a sorted chicken with Cherries and I think that's what's Happening here and I've checked the git Killer it is not a mistake because We call them in France the bell peppers Are listed elsewhere in the goodness so He knew exactly what pimo meant that Recipe is meant to be done with chili so What we're going to do I'm gonna use Chicken tenders in here And I'm gonna use the green chili but to Kind of satisfy everyone I'm also gonna Add a little bit of bell pepper that I Have peeled and diced now this is not a Recipe that's going to be drowning in Sauce I'm going to make it in a way you Can quickly flash fry like stiff not Almost stir-fried pan fry the chicken Tenders and it's just a little bit of Tomato some garlics the chilies and then We've got a deglazing of white wine Lemon and then you sprinkle with parsley And that's it I'm going to serve this in A place or a dish you know and I think It could be a perfect kind of warm Starter or something like this and That's what I'm going to go for I think So let's do it Now sometimes making a ask of your Recipe there's a little bit of Decryption and things to go on and here I think it mentioned that you need to Saute the garnish first in oil and when

The chicken is halfway cooked then you Should add the garnish into there so I'm Gonna add one or two tablespoons of Olive oil and we're going to start to do The garnish okay which is the chilies The Tomato the garlic and I'm gonna add Some bell pepper it actually makes sense Because I think pepper is going to take Some time to cook so I've got about a Teaspoon of garlic in there I'm gonna wait that to heat up a little Bit All right I'm going to go straight for the kale Chilies now these are a bit tough to Cook I know that I'm going to reduce my Medium medium high maximum I'm Gonna Keep some for the decoration I'm going To put half of the bell peppers in here And I think I'm gonna Leave this to sizzle gently for a grid Three to four minutes looks good you see My garlic starts to color a little bit Boom Tomatoes it says the equivalent of Three small tomato quarters of course With the skin off I'm using Peeled tomatoes from Martin because Tomatoes are not in season here but if You have fresh tomatoes that's really Ripe and juicy use those but what I want To stress here again This is not a tomato sauce And that is very important sometimes you Need to make sure you have pieces of

Tomato as a garnish but it is not Automatically a tomato sauce that makes All the difference of course a bit of Seasoning Salt and pepper on the usual Just a bit And I'm gonna actually I'm not gonna put The heat very high because it's more Like a fondue of tomatoes with the chili So I'm Gonna Leave This to cook gently For five minutes at least Time's up five minutes and it's spot on I've reduced my heat and we really get Now that kind of fondue of tomato like a Concasse of chili and tomato and there's All that kind of chili oil at the bottom And this is the garnish so this is done I'm gonna turn the heat off and I start To see the the spirit of the you know The recipe and it's you know it screams Fusion here really unusual for his Coffee it screams Fusion dish so we're Gonna Reserve this now let's cook the Chicken The cooking of the chicken I'm using a Cast iron pan because you really want to Get this nice color 6000 grams 600 grams Sorry of the the chicken tenders now That's me I've rolled them into a little Bit of flour and I've added salt and Pepper you should start to stick to it Should I need to cook them now so salt And pepper a bit of flour you don't have To do it I like to do this because I

Think they get a better color and then You need to have the wine 100 ml and the Lemon at the ready because we're gonna Do a deglazing okay when you hear the Glazing again deciphering number three It tells me that this coffee really Wants to have caramelized juices of meat At the bottom of the pan So we're gonna have to use a real nice Kind of sizzling medium medium high heat Let's see how we go All right so I've been testing my oil to See the temperature I think which is Good I always like to start on a you know Heat that's not too too high no I'm just Just sticking to each other because Otherwise it can really all stick Together So plenty of oil and all what we're Gonna do is to cook the chicken so Medium heat to start Avoid any kind of excessive sticking and We want some coloring that's about it Ready Cooking time wise I think you know what I'm gonna put 10 minutes on there always Use a timer Let's go Now the last tip I can give you when you Cook chicken like this you see what I've Done here the space in between I like to Cook in batches to make sure you get This coloring and it's not getting like

A boiling effect because I hate that Right so the chicken tenders already They're here on the side the next step We're going to discard the excessive oil And do the deglazing that's gonna be it Now for the deglazing very simple we're Going to bring this on a high heat 182's of wine a squeeze of lemon juice And that's it so we don't have too much Meat juices in there Escoffier says you have to apparently Reduce it almost to a dry State and a Pot is over the chicken it's really just To capture all these juices in there Okay for this reduce all right so I've Got like what a tablespoon left and it's A good amount of meal you know I've got A real chicken Jeweler let me pour this Over the chicken so nothing special on Here all it is is that little juice on There the brown juice to moisten the Chicken and that's about it Hold on so we've got all the components The chicken tenders have been pan fried Nicely colored we've got the chicken Juice on top we've got the delicious Kind of fondue of chili and tomatoes on The side I'm gonna chop some fresh Parsley oh what needs to happen now is To arrange this as a noise dish put this Little mixture over and put some parsley So I'm gonna add this off camera to Avoid making a mess and have something Nice to show you and that's going to be

It so let's go and here it is in all his Glory the police From the git Culinaire and I think I'd Like to rename this to the escofia chili Chicken it is the first time that I come Across a fusion recipe in French cooking Like this with coffee that's using chili Interestingly you got some technique in There you go the deglazing with the wine You get the provence uh you know Ingredients you got the garlic you got The tomatoes you got the parsley but We've got this addition of chili that is Added in a fondue of tomato like a Conquacy of tomatoes with chili the Effect is in fact absolutely brilliant The the heat of the the Chili Stone down Mix well with the tomato and I love the Fact that this is not another tomato Sauce type of chicken you really feel The individuality of all the ingredients Like you bite into the chicken tenders Get a beef of tomato and you got this Big heat from the chili now you can Drizzle the top with a bit of lemon Juice and honestly as a brunch as a Shimmering platter for instance for a Dinner or lunch on a summer day with a Nice glass of Rose or even a white wine I think you could do a light right by Finger you know white one that is Absolutely brilliant so I hope you make It and it has just tell me always what You think in the comment section because

This is quite a special recipe and if You've tried your own version by the way Of the pool as well let me know as well How it goes okay I'll see you all next Time take care all bye Foreign [Music] [Music] Baby [Music] [Music] Baby [Music]

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