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Tomato Tian: a simple summer dish that celebrate tomatoes

Now if you have only tomatoes in your Fridge and you're looking at something Simple and quick to make then the teal Of tomato is really the place to start It is a very simple dish that does not Require any cooking away from having a Baking dish and an oven the ingredients Are very simple and it can be made in Around what 30 minutes that's about it Super simple but very tasty let's have a Look The recipe we will be making now is Called the Tio Dutomat and the tier of tomato so what Is Tio mean T-i-a-n in the professor language simply Refers to this a kind of an earthenware A baking dish that is used to bake Vegetables where you can have fish all Sorts of things and we say it means There's basically a bag of something and Here we're gonna be using Tomatoes just Plain tomatoes and this is why this is Super simple because there's nothing Else needed away from aromatic so we're Gonna make here a portion for just as a Demonstration for two but I'm going to Give you a recipe for four I'm going to Use a kilo of tomato Some Rosemary a few cloves of garlic Some parsley salt and pepper and olive Oil if you want you can add breadcrumbs On top but that's all you need and as I Said it is great because you don't need

To go on the stove or anything like this Or what you need to do is to slice the Tomato how easy is this For the Nissan Plus the food preparation You'll be amazed that is not much to do And the first thing of course are the Tomatoes there's no need to peel the Tomatoes which is great and I'm using Purposely Supermarket tomatoes so They're a bit firm this is what you're Generally gonna get okay the tomatoes Can be cut either this way okay like This or on the side like that slices and This is how what we're going to do we're Gonna actually use it on the side like This sideways to have these long slices What I usually do you need to get rid of That heartbeat in here and also the Front so very simple I'm taking my Tomato here I'm gonna use that super Long now it's actually a cake knife like A special Navigator I cut a bit here and That you can leave these for a tomato or anything like this and all the Offcuts for something else and I mean Ending up with this you see that piece Of tomato And from here Or what I'm doing you want some thick Slices 20 minutes in the oven and I'm Baking dish You want these kinds of slices like this That's the thickness I've got okay so You're going to take all your tomatoes

And slice them like this that's all you Need to do All done so this is what we should have See this is a nice thick slices of Tomato so what's gonna happen is we're Gonna be laying uh the tomatoes into a Dish like this to a baking dish and What's important here of course is the Dressing or the condiment how we're Going to place this and a lot of time With these types of bake you're going to Put your tomatoes and you put the the Salt the pepper and the other things Afterwards what I like to do is to do That before I'm putting my tomatoes so For instance I've got all Tomatoes lay Down here and I'm gonna start to season Even just on one side and you don't need To do two soil but a good grind of salt Like this I know that every single Tomato has got something a bit of pepper Okay A little hint Of parsley and we're going to use three Tablespoons and plenty of that so you See I'm adding the flavors and I'm all Gonna I'm gonna add sorry the The garlic here mixed with the olive oil So let me show you what I mean Now these little bakes are great but Like I said sometimes even with the Garlic that you have to sprinkle on top It just stays at the top and nothing Goes into the tomato and you don't have

The flavor so what I do I'm using my Olive oil in here And I'm adding the garlic Into the olive oil that I'm gonna then Sprinkle or drizzle let's say Over the tomatoes before putting the Tomatoes you see I've got that mixture Here of garlic and olive oil like this You don't have clums and you get a Flavored olive oil this is very handy Firstly and what I'm going to do now is Drizzle That garlic and olive oil On each slice so that leaves I'm sure That when you eat something like this Anyone is going to have a slice of Garlic and a piece of of parsley and Some salt and pepper it's not like you Have one tomato that is tasteless and The rest tasty enough for the assembly So I told you it was quite easy and the Assembly is as easy as the rest is I'm Using a small baking dish you're going To start by putting some Rosemary at the Bottom I'm using young the one that's From my garden but you can buy this in The shop okay two things at the bottom And all what you need to do now is to Take these slices of tomato that we've Got on the side here And lay them so you can put them if you Want you can put them flat But I kind of prefer I hate using a pair Of tongs

I like to use my hand I think I'm going To use my hands because it's just just Better okay so you can actually put them Like this And make a kind of a bag like this and Put slices after slices after slices Like this And I'm going to move this on the side To show you How it looks like So you start with a Macy Outlook you put All the tomatoes in there And then you can arrange afterwards by Making that kind of nice Shape so you put one in front one in the Back one in front one in the back one in Front one in the back kind of thing you See you see the idea you see the look You're trying to get there and it's just A matter of arranging by hand trying to Get something that looks nice okay and You don't need to get it you know super Michelin star it is a very casual type Of dish I'm going to find the right Angle here that's how it looks like okay This is one way you can also just put Them flat like a bit like a gratin like A potato grata but this is up to you you Can choose whatever you like at the at The end of the day it's all season it's All going into the oven and it's all Going to cook in the same way So when you're done this is what you've Got on unpretentious little baking dish

With tomatoes but the most important That you need to keep in mind in French Cooking especially with these basic Dishes it's not about the presentation It is about the taste so what you've got Here you've made sure that every tomato Has got salt has got paper it's got a Bit of garlic and it's already some Parsley in there what's left to do now They're just the final attaches so I've Put all the oil that was in my plate In a little bowl like this with the Leftover garlic so I'm going to add some More on here to make sure it's nice and Oily I'm gonna sprinkle some extra Rosemary in here now it's just the Little leaves now you don't do anything More we're gonna add Some parsley because of course we love Parsley in France it's it's a standard Thing so it's in the flavor and the Cavities in there and what I like to do Sometime with these As an extra a simple Sprinkle of bread crumbs That may help with the sogginess it adds A little bit of color It's always a welcome addition but this Is kind of optional When you're here you're going to preach You open a 200 degrees Celsius 400 Degrees Fahrenheit and when it's hot Enough we're gonna place that dish and We're gonna cook this

For a good 20 25 minutes the good thing Of tomatoes is that they don't They don't burn or anything like this They can really take a beating so it's Just a matter of looking at your dish How it looks like when this is nice and Golden and the tomatoes are nice and Shriveled and cooked then that's it it's Gonna be ready to serve The Theo is just out of the oven and This is how you have to serve it when It's piping hot because as you will see The tomatoes even though they are very Thick you look at these like the pages Of the book is what I like and they Render lots of juices at the bottom and They can kind of get very soft very very Fast so the advantage of cooking them up Right like this is that the juice it Sits at the bottom and it makes a tomato Juice you can use with your chicken with Your white meats and even with fish That's the perfect addition and it's the Perfect sides to serve with all these Kinds of meats and Fishes now if you Want to go further you can change by not Having the tomatoes and do for instance Aubergine or courgette or mix the whole Lot to do the legume the vegetable tion Which is slices of tomatoes aubergine And courgette with exactly the same type Of seasoning so you can vary the flavor And one technique gives you two or three Recipe so my advice is to go ahead and

Try it as soon as you can

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