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We’re Back! what to expect on the channel for 2024

Welcome back it is 2024 and we are ready To start cooking again my name is Stefan And this is the French Cooking Academy Channel now if you're new here you don't Know at all what we're doing we are an Online French cooking school for home Cook House specialty it is me creating Courses for people around the world on All kinds of topics we got beginner Course we got Advent course we got Source course we got specialty course Got psty course we got shut Tre we got Regional food we got kitchen making and More that's plenty of stuff so if you Looking for that kinds of things if You're serious if you're curious Playlist below that video and title Learn French cooking at your own pace From home this is where you're going to Find the trailers the latest offering Including our new FCA membership okay One yearly fee to access everything we Do at the school you're going to have The old courses the current one the Future one plus access to how French Cooking club which is the place where You can interact with me and all of the Students and it's to French cooking Posting Bonanza every day we're in there We're posting about French food we talk About wine about books we get one Education podcasts a video recipe Cataloges a user create like bios from Chefs and stuff like that it's tons of

Fun so if you're curious go to the Trailer Link in the video description Now if you're just browsing for the free Stuff you want to be looking for a Recipe I like to give you a little bit Of a point over the channel hit your Desktop or laptop and you will see on The homepage of the channel you will Have a little magnifying glass this is a Search Function that exist yes you can find a Recipe on the channel so if you're Looking for one recipe type whatever Recipe you're looking for and most Likely it will pop up because we have More than 350 I think almost 400 recipe Available so most likely anything you Look for is going to be there okay now If you are regular here I've got some News for you for 2024 because we are Simplifying the way we're going to be Making the content the homepage of the Channel is going to have now four Playlist only starters main sides and Dessert so you can find everything that You want very easily we're also going to Be producing content following that Pattern so every month we're going to be Starting making a starter follow Main And then we're going to be either a side Or a desert and we leave some space for Extra little videos but the good thing About this if you want to make your own Menu you're going to be able now to pick

A starter a main a side a dessert and Let the party begins because many people Ask me how can you make a menu now you Can make your own menu and have lots of Fun because there's so much food that we Have in there in case you don't like all Of that stuff you're not an online Person you don't like computers you're Just browsing you've seen how Channel We've just read a cookbook French Cooking Academy 100 special recipe for The home cook which has been super well Received it's just been launched with The beginner in mind anybody can pick up That book and make French recipe very Straightforward steps and most important The ingredients you need are simple Everyday ingredients you can find in Your local shop or Supermarket there's No experience required and you can have Classic staple techniques all the stuff You need to get started Link in the Video description as well check this Book it's got tons of amazing review We're super happy with it but this is The rundown for 2024 and we are Recharged and full of energy and I would Say as always let's get cooking

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