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Where Do NYC Cab Drivers Eat? | NYT Cooking

I know this city better than the city I Want New York City is my home yes every Single Street you name it you got it I Don't need any GPS I know my food and I know where to Find it you park the car use the Bathroom eat free and start again hardi Was opened in 2001 it's like community Center Mr Ali I know him more than 30 Years is like a family Friend Hy is my home kitchen I cannot Live without handy Food I've been driving taxi since 1989 I live in this neighbor is almost 30 years just around the corner from Hy You know in front of the Hy they have Two block full taxi stand this a pretty Much a convenient place for the driver The thing is we have a big Muslim Community where the tax huh oh my right There to see all right take care Yourself bro see you I told you I I know Every single person every time I step Into the restaurant you know I know Somebody There chili powder turmeric powder cumin Seeds those tomatoes in It we are making CED Chicken we open the restaurant at 10:00 A.m. so we have to be ready by 10:00 A.m. after pandemic because the business Is not great everywhere and we have to Cut the labor Down so I'm working alone in the

Morning until 10:00 a.m. we have to make 8 to 10 Dishes it is it is hard because uh where I have to get the raw material I have to Put the fire Down go I'll be back because I don't Know how long I'm going to be inside the Walk-in refrigerator looking for the Next ingredient or next Step here we got the lamb now we have Special spices for the cray Chicken um we put some secret Ingredients in it All the kry chicken and kry lamb it is Very popular dish K it's a name of the Part it has two handles a half circle Shape and we used to cook in This if your dishes are very good you Don't worry about the competition people Will Decide same like we cooking at our home Same tea it's no Differ I met him in '90s in chatara Restaurant I was working for a few Months before they buy their own Restaurant Hy in 2001 when we open a Hy Restaurant the first day believe me the The minute I open up so am mean came in I spping I feel like hey I'm like in my Home kitchen Amin Khan usually comes every day like Rest of the drivers the day they open it They it yeah I start eating over There 30 year ago they cook the food

Today even they cook the same way my Type of Food this is another very old restaurant Kari I think when I moved to this Neighbor back in 1995 this restaurant Was here one of the very new restaurant Is a Bangladeshi restaurant it's 99% Uber driver and yellow cave driver left Driver they come and eat another Delhi Which is the same from Bangladeshi People and Lori I used to work for Bank 1988 89 and the Reason I quit the bank job because here Is you you the boss you make your own Schedule is a Freedom Taxi Driver they used to have a Very good Income until you know the Pandemic after pandemic of people they Work from their Homes and we have list to Arrest everything is so Expensive it is getting harder to make a Living being a taxi driver Allah abbar Allahar Allah It is more than a restaurant it's like a Small Musk he's the one who's taking care of Prair areia and he spoke to me and my Partner that we need more space for the Pr areia you cannot even rent at a place Like the one they give it to free for The musk is maybe the rent is going to

Be 10 to $5,000 they give it for Free so if they can give a free space so I am the one I offer free Service sorry S we we didn't ask him to do it but uh That's his own feeling that uh he is Doing it and if he is available and he's Willing to do It one second Brother sometime he comes in if we need Any help he's a good human being he's Very kind person actually and may God Bless it's like a a community center More Than A A Restaurant I'm long time Here I am coming every day yellow car Driver daytime I work I come here take a Rest eat food and sometime they also Change the shift with each other eating Food and go to downstair pray prayer and Go back Work hello guys A hello we are at laori restaurant they Open until 4:00 and most of them like Hy Is close is 10:30 the thing is a lot of My friend they come here during late Night so I just stop by to say hello to Them before I go home and Sleep I'm a long time driving Yellow Cab I start like 6:30 7:00 in the night all Our friends come over here to talk to Each other hang out with the friend busy Hour is after 2:00 at night and he also This every every day customer like Brother and here I came here because

It's very accessible at least 20 of Taxis can park there and very affordable Food Here this city is never sleep I'm not the person who believe in Retiring um I'm the person who believe In just keep doing Something hard is uh everything to be I Make living out of it I enjoy the time Which I spend in I just love it it's everything for me Everything I stay in this Neighbor because of Hy believe me the Day if they close I'm going to move Out I'm going to move Out Hey listen nobody want their home to Be closed nobody want their home kitchen To be closed how about mixed Vegetables I am sure as long as as my Health give me permission I'm going to Keep running this Restaurant friendship is half food is Half make it a full full relation Between Mr Khan and Mr Ali food and friendship

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