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Your New Favorite Cheesy Stuffed Pizza | Ham El-Waylly’s Argentinian Fugazzeta | NYT Cooking

I am not a thrower of pizzas but I'll Give it a go when you're dealing with Pizza it's pretty delicate and you're Not looking for holes so you don't want To like finger it up like that you know What I mean this is like you don't want [Music] That hi I'm Hamil wayy Chef recipe Developer and today we're making fugetta So fugetta is an Argentine Pizza you Know how Pizza Hut had that stuffed Crust pizza where the cheese was on the Crust they don't play around so they Took it to a whole other level and the Entire Pizza is a stuffed crust it's It's wild so you cut into it and it's Insane amounts of cheese just stretching Out so if you're looking for Like A Goofy Movie level cheese pull you want a Fugetta fugetta hold like a very special Place in my heart we didn't really Vacation a lot with my dad and whenever We traveled with my dad it would be on a Combo business trip he had business in Argentina I always always always went For a fugas seta as soon as we got there For lunch that's what what I demanded Every single time we were there I Wouldn't be able to leave without it the Main thing that sticks in my mind is the Ratio of onions to everything else and Just how much cheese is in the actual Fugasa like you look at it and you're You think that there's too much cheese

But then you take a bite and you're like Oh it's surprisingly well balanced all Right so the first thing you're going to Need to make is your fugetta dough cuz That needs to proof this is a pretty High hydration dough it's it's a little Harder to handle but the payoff you get From the improved texture is so worth it So I highly recommend that you use a Stand mixer to mix this dough it takes Quite a long time to develop the proper Gluten so here I've got my bread flour Going to add that to the Bowl kosher Salt yeast I like instant you don't need To dissolve it in water you don't need To do anything you just throw it into Your dry and mix everything else in and It'll proof on its own it's a lot easier To work with and it lasts forever in Your freezer before I add any of my wet I want to give this a little stir just To make sure everything's at least a Little bit Incorporated all right so it's been About a minute I'm going to take the top And then with my spatula I'm just going To give that one more toss just to make Sure everything's as evenly dispersed as Possible all right now I'm going to add My olive oil and my water so when I talk About how hydration I'm talking about How much water or liquid you're adding To your dough just to help help Incorporate the water into the flour and

Then we're going to give it a mix so Once it's all in there and moistened you Want to just let it need let it go don't Mess with it too much and every once in A while you want to stop the Machine and then scrape everything down You want to make sure that everything is Getting kneaded equally so you don't end Up with parts that are just stuck to the Sides and get crusty and dried up so Scrape it down and then just keep Going you want to keep needing this Dough until it passes the window pane Test so what that means is that you're Going to take a lump of dough in between Your fingers and then you're going to Stretch it out and then it shouldn't Tear like that it should be able to Stretch out into a very thin film that You can actually see through so once you Can do that that's an indication that You have enough gluten developed and You're ready to ball it up and then let It proof this is very far away from that Stage so I'm going to let that go for Quite a bit longer so after my dough is Properly kneaded I'm going to ball it up Roll it in some olive oil wrap it in Plastic wrap and then let it proof until It's doubled in size it should take Between an hour and a half to 2 hours or You can even put it in your fridge and Let it go overnight that's like for Maximum flavor that's usually what I do

At home so my dough has been proofed and It's doubled in size and you can see That when you poke into it but it feels Really poofy and soft and the Indentation that you leave with your Finger is still there and I'm handling It pretty gently I don't want to knock All of the air bubbles out right now so I'm going to divide this in half you can Just eyeball It going to set one side aside if your Dough feels really sticky and you find It really hard to manage or it keeps Sticking to your hand don't use flour Instead I like to just rub a little Olive oil on my hands and on the surface I'm working with and that will help it Not stick to your hands adding flour at This point will mess up the hydration so You don't want to throw that off after All the work you've put in so I'm just Slowly stretching out the dough with my Hand I'm not using a rolling pin the Rolling pin is the enemy of a good pizza Cuz you want like some nice bubbl and Some nice trapped gas that's what helps Everything get really crisp and chewy And fun to eat and if you just get in There like a Savage with a rolling pin You're just going to knock all that air Out and you're going to end up with a Sad cracker instead of a Happy Pizza so I'm looking to cover the bottom of my Cast iron pan with uh some pizza dough

And that's going to be my lower crust to Which I add my copious amounts of cheese Can you do a pizza throw on this one a Pizza throw I'm I'm been challenged to Do a pizza throw I am not a thrower of Pizzas but I'll give it a Go all right so we're going to Toss that didn't work out that well Let's let's go Again all right it didn't fall on my Face so I'll take that and let's uh I Think we're I think we're pretty close There so I'm going to stop here I'm Going to oil the bottom of my cast iron Pan you want to use a seasoned cast cast Iron here the reason I like cast iron is It really traps the Heat and it gives You a really crispy crust on the outside Which is fantastic for something like This cuz we're all talking about Textures here you got stretchy cheese You get crispy onion you get really Crispy pizza dough you get a little chew Like it's you get it you have it all and That's perfect covers the bottom of the Pan I'm just going to flatten it out Make sure it's it's even so I'm just Going around I'm going to push it a Little bit against the edge of the pan You don't need to be too precise here Like don't worry about evenness don't Worry about any of that cuz it's cooking For so long that it is going to be Cooked through you just want to make

Sure that the bottom of your cast iron Is fully covered in dough and that the Dough goes to the edge of the pan it'll Just make the process of putting the top Layer so much easier so I'm using a 10-in skillet here just cuz I find that That's the proper ratio of cheese to Dough to me you can increase the amount Of dough that you make like double the Recipe and you can make larger ones you Can make multiple smaller ones you can Play around with it but for this amount Of dough I find like a 10in cast iron is The perfect size all right so we got our Dough and now we Cheese so we're shingling the provolone And I'm pressing it down and I'm leaving A little half inch border all around so That when I put my top crust on I have Something to crimp you can find Different toppings on other stuffed Pizzas but as far as a fugetta is Concerned this is the classic Fugetta and Now we Ms you know I haven't made this In a while I made it a bunch when I was Developing it cuz I like convinced Myself I needed to make it a few more Times until it was right but really I Just wanted to eat more in my mind it's Like a crazy mountain of cheese but Looking at it now it's like it's fine It's not obscene so going to do the same Thing with my top just stretch it out

And then I want to make it a little Larger than the bottom so I can kind of Crimp the edges together and seal it up But before I forget I'm going to put This down and I'm going to season up my Cheese so I'm adding a little chili [Music] Flake I'm adding some Oregano and a little hit of Salt I find like low moisture mozzarella Always needs a hit of salt it's not as Like people always tell you oh cheese is So salty it's cheese but there's like a Difference between parmesan and Mozzarella like mozzarella needs a Little help don't be scared to put a Little salt on your mozzarella just cuz It's cheese we're back to stretching our Dough drape that on top wow we did it Look at that and so now I want to make Sure that the edges are tight cuz you Don't want any cheese spillage here so I'm bringing the two edges together and I'm just sealing it shut with my finger And I'm doing that all the way Around ooh look at that that that means We did a good job stretching out our Dough if you still have bubbles of air Like that now that we're all sealed I'm Going to give it a light press to kind Of evenly distribute the cheese level Out the dough now that my fuga seta is Formed I'm going to cover it up with a Kitchen towel and then we're going to

Set it aside in a warm place to proof Again but for just 30 minutes you're Looking for it to get just a little bit Of poof before we bake it so while our Fugetta proofs we're going to slice our Onions so I know ice comes at a premium Well for us it does anyways in New York Cuz we don't really have an ice machine As part of like our fridge like as you Do in many suburban homes but for this It's worth it do not skip the step Because soaking the onions in the ice Water gives it a Christmas that you Won't get any other way so water is not Enough you actually want to make that Water ice cold and we're going to add a Tablespoon of salt to the water and then We're going to slice our onion super Thin and we're going to soak them in That ice water I'm using a torn knife to Peel my onion trim the top I know a lot Of people like to peel their Onions by Just like cutting it in half and then Ripping it off but I want nice whole Rings and the only way to get nice whole Rings is to peel feel the onion whole so This curve of the knife just like really Fits the curve of the onion and you can Just get in there with the blade really Hug it tight cuz it's a small blade and Then you're going to pull and since You're not rupturing any cells on the Onion and you're just kind of peeling it Look it's all up in my face no tears I'm

Just going to cut a couple of slices on My mandolin you can absolutely do this With a really sharp knife you just want To cut the onion as thinly as possible If you are using a knife for safety Reasons since it's like a ball I would I Would cut it in half and then cut slices It's just going to be a little safer you Don't want it too thick cuz then it Isn't going to cook properly on top and If you cut it too thin you're going to Lose all that nice texture and it's all Going to kind of melt so notice how They're all see-through but at the same Time you can still pick it up and it's Still a whole onion slice this is a Structurally sound ring of onion I can Twirl it on my finger when you're uh Using a mandolin if you don't have the Guard you don't want to grip whatever You're slicing like that cuz that's a Good way to a torn finger you got to Push down with the flat hand cuz that Way if you come across you kind of have A barrier so you go flat and even better Uh do it with a towel in between your Hand and the onion cuz then you can Prevent split slippage and if your hand Does slip you have that towel as a Barrier so you don't hurt yourself so Whisk salt into my ice Water and in go my onions so yeah so Just dip your fingers in there get a Little onion cold plch for your

Fingertips what a treat and we can just Set that aside in the fridge to soak Until our dough is fully proofed okay so Our onions have been Soaked I got my handy dandy salad Spinner here look at that nice crispness They had they were like they yes they Were staying together before but they're A little floppy a little flaccid but now They got like that nice crisp they look Alive by the way sidebar next time you Make tacos and you need a nice oniony Topping do this the texture is amazing And it kind of rinses away all that Harshness that raw onion has that some People don't like no onion left behind I Really like these like lawn mower cranky Things because I don't have a lawn mower Cuz I don't have a lawn so you always See it on like Malcolm in the Middle and Those old suburban sitcoms that they Like really Crank That lawn mower this Is the closest thing to cranking a lawn Mower that I have ever Done all right we're looking good we're Looking fluffy look how fluffy that Looks so water in a hot oven causes Steam and steam is the enemy of Crispness and Browning so you really Want to make sure your onions are super Dry so even even though we salad spun These I'm going to lay these out on a Paper towel pop another one on top and Then just Pat it dry see you're still

Getting some moisture out of there you Don't want that you don't want that Moisture take out as much as you Possibly can all right so onions soaked And dried and now the big Reveal look at that some Poof and now we Layer going to Add our Palm I'm going to add just a bit Of oil right now on top and now I'm Going to go with a Heaping layer of onion and completely Cover the pie cuz the little bits that Hit the side of the pan get really Caramelized and frizzly so they get Really sweet we're going to add some More cheese A little drizzle of olive Oil and we're going to go with a little Another layer of onions you can go in Any order you want I just like to end on Parmesan cheese cuz everybody loves Those little brown bubbly bits like what You get on top of a lasagna so here we Have our beautiful dressed fugetta ready To go into the oven notice how there's a Lightness to the onions on top and that Is all thanks to how thin we sliced it And that ice bath that it got right Before I pop it in the oven I'm going to Go around the perimeter and hit it with A little bit more olive oil that's to Make sure that those edges get really Crisp into the oven we

Go so our fugetta is out of the oven Just hear that look at that I wish you Could smell this cuz you're just getting Such a satisfying scent of onion and Dough and cheese and parm o our dough is Fully inflated which means there's Steam On the inside which means our dough is Fully cooked we've got really nice Caramelization around the edges the Dough at the bottom is crisp I know Because I put a spatula underneath and Kind of just lifted it up look at how Brown that is that is amazing the onions Have collapsed which means that they're Fully cooked and there's really nice Color on the top so there is nothing Wrong with stopping here and digging Into your fugetta right now I like to Pop this in the broiler just for a Little bit more cuz I really like Charred onions on top of everything when Something is this Rich a little hint of Bitterness from some charred onion Really helps lighten the whole thing up But again it's fully acceptable to eat It at this stage this is just you know To take it to another level so we're Going to to this in the broiler for a Bit and I'll see you in a [Music] Second so our fugetta is out of the oven And out of the broiler so you see just The little bit of extra crispness and Char on top I feel like that adds a lot

To the flavor you definitely want to let This rest cuz if you cut into this right Now the center is a little bit too Molten and you're going to end up losing So much of it so have a little patience Let it rest for a bit you'll still get That epic cheese pull but you'll have a Much better time eating it I'm actually Going to scoop it off onto this rack to Rest and it comes out pretty easily Let's take a look look at that look at The sides look at that Crunch I cannot wait to cut into this I Don't think I've ever been more excited To slice into anything before and now we Wait 10 long long minutes has it been 10 Minutes [Laughter] [Music] Yet oo something about like the smell of The pizza cooked in the cast iron with That olive oil and the cheese and the Chili flakes and oregano it takes me to Pizza Hut pan pizza in the best possible Way and as they say in Argentina can I get in here I [Music] Bite what can I say it's the perfect Food it's the perfect food it's got Textures you have crispy chewy bread you Have molten chewy melty cheese you've Got slight crunch from the onion not too Much but a slight crunch so it adds Another layer of texture on top and

You've got a layer of really crisp Charred onions so as you bite through You go crunch lighter crunch chew really Chewy and then all of that is bathed in Really well seasoned olive oil that's Laced with some oregano and some chili Flake it's amazing I know making pizza At home seems like this big Endeavor and You're pretty much making a stuffed Pizza you can build this right in a c Iron pan and you can just mush the dough With your hands until the form is right If you're not really good at stretching It for the amount of effort as far as Like homemade pizzas go this is Relatively low effort for huge payoff I Don't know I don't know what else to Tell you make yourself happy and have Another bite of fugetta

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