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How to make a classic corn velouté soup.

Welcome back everybody so today we're Going to be sharing a recipe from how Cookbook here French Cooking Academy 10 Special recipe for the home cook and it Is a soup or should I say a vut now soup Is this thing that you want to make a Lot of time but you don't know how to Approach it so in my book I've got one Technique I'm using to make a Volute of Vegetables we're going to be using the Beloved corn here because this is easy If you're lazy you don't have time you Can't be bothered this is going to be The soup for you and not only you're Going to be able to make that one but You can Al replace the corn with Something else and make all kinds of Volute soup let me show you how the Process work let's go so let's learn how To make that corn valute now you may Wonder what on Earth is a Volute in French cooking is very simple there's Different types of soup we don't use the Word just it's a soup Okay so we've got The potage the potage is like the thin Soup like your vegetable soup very Watery okay that's one type and then We've got another type here which is Called the Volute which is based on a Bame sauce the bishal sauce is also Called the white sauce and this is the Stuff you use in your lasagna your Musaka and you're going to be saying my God this is very thick how we're going

To be using this while in French cooking You can make your bamal with a different Thickness okay there's basically three Types of white sauce that we use the Very thin one which is the one we're Going to be using here you can use it For Soups and vute and stuff like that Or even sauces then you're going to have The standard one that you're going to be Using for your musaka your lasagna Whatever anything like this and then you Got a very thick one that is used to Make sule you make a cheese sule or Anything like this you're going to have A very thick bisham and you use that Technique you will see once you try it There's no turning back all right so Let's begin so remember there's two Components to that vute first the Basham And then the puree of vegetable we can't Do anything more simpler than that how Do we make that famous white AKA BML Very simple first we need to make a Ru Okay a r is an equal amount of butter And flour so the first we going to do is Take a pan I'm going to put this on Medium I'm going to melt my butter first As soon as the butter is melted make Sure you reduce your heat it you can Keep it too low we're going to add all The flour at once and we're going to mix Everything to form some kind of a Paste once you got your paste on here You've created something that is called

Theo Theo is the thickening agent that Is used to make any type of white sauce Okay bam and the amount of flour and Butter you use in there is going to Dictate how thick your bam is going to Become it is always typically based on a Liter of milk okay so from here we're Going to leave this to cook for about 2 Minutes put a timer on low heat the time Is up my R has been bubbling away on Very low heat I've now turned my heat Off and I'm going to put this totally Off the heat and let it cool down Completely if you want to accelerate the Process you can put the bottom of the Pan and using a bit of water but but We're not in a hurry so I'm going to Just put this on the side and then we're Going to warm up the milk now when it Comes to the milk I always like to Flavor the milk when I'm making a bam Because if you're someone that had a White sauce and you you don't like it Because it was like a tasteless kind of Sauce the reason for that is because Your milk is not flavor the flavor Starts here so this is a full creaming I've got some fresh cream floating Around here and what I'm doing about Flavoring I'm adding some stuff so here I've got a bay leaf okay good bit of Time I've got some cloves some garlic And I'm going to put as well lots of Little shots here so as you can see I've

Got all my little ingredients floating Around I'm going to add a tad of salt in Here so we're going to warm this up While the RO is cooling down as soon as Your milk start to simmer and start to Smoke like this it's enough we're going To turn the heat off and then we're Going to mix this into our R so here we Are that was the r that we've made Before as you can see now it's cool down It's a bit of a it's a bit of a a thick Paste and from here all what we're going To do is start pouring the milk over so I'm going to filter it using a s I'm Going to put roughly a half of it First and using a whisk I'm going to Incorporate everything so you do this With that half to make sure you capture All the you know R is bit Co like a Paste so you want to make sure and you Whisk the side and everything and you Capture all the stuff in there and from Here then you continue going to take the Rest of the milk and pour it over and Mix everything together now little Reminder I'm doing that step here with The itat off okay once this is done I'm Going to now turn my heat back to medium And we're going to bring that milk with The r to the boil in order to make that Thin bam and you're going to have to Whisk from time to time to make sure it Doesn't stick and be patient just use a Medium heat if you go too fast it might

Start sticking at the bottom and Everything like that so medium heat and Taking your time is key right you can See this That's the bubbles you want when that Happens 2 minutes maximum after 2 Minutes you turn your heat off and you Should have that thin consistency that Thin bamal that can coat a spoon nicely Like this you want to taste the Preparation it should be tasting already Good okay not too much salt light Flavored but Flavorsome yeah perfect so now we're Going to add the corn so the heat is now Off now for the corn uh it's really up To you I'm using a Max maximum of two Cans of 400 G this is the first can That's in and it depends on how strong You want your soup to be if you want it Really yellow with a strong Taste of Corn add more corn if you want just the One can it's fine as well so for me what I've done I'm using kind of one and a Half kind of about 600 G and I keep a Few tablespoon of corn for the Decoration after and all what we're Going to do is to mix everything Together first and then we're going to Use an immersion blender and Blitz the Whole thing because if you leave it like This as you can see uh not great okay Perfect so immersion blender you've seen This

Before okay and there we go this the Whole Thing all Right hold on so as you can see now my Volute is nice and yellow it's got a Nice appetizing corn color compared to What we had before and let's remind us We now have done the two things we've Done the fin bamal and we've now mixed The vegetable elements and this is ready It is very thck and course what we're Going to do we're going to filter the Whole lot now filtering the vout is Really what makes the whole thing really Nice and smooth and there's no bits of Corns and skins everywhere I'm using a Good-look pan if you want to use the pan You've Ed for the milk it's fine it's Not a problem using a SE in here and I'm Going to be passing the whole thing Through okay you going take a spoon and Very Slowly move the things like that until It's all pass through now when you Finish with the the passing you will be Left with this you see that's all the Pulp you don't want this into your Valute okay very important so you can Press down but you're going to discard This I'm going to keep on going put more Of my of my volut miix and pass Everything through now let's look at the Result of what you've made okay so we Had the BAM we've mixed the corn we've

Blitz it we passed it through and now We've got Volute corn Volute so this is The consistency it is still a little bit On the fix side and this is where the Cream come in so we're going to be Putting the the heat back on to medium To warm this up again and we're going to Add either cream or milk if you don't Like to have more fat or more cream and Stuff like that you can use milk instead But usually about 50 100 Mil of cream It's going to readjust adjust the Consistency if you like it like this uh You know nice and thick it's up to you You can stop here and you can see the Color very important it's a nice Yellowish color but it's not too Pronounced I could have used more Coral If I wanted to and that really depends On you it's going to it's going to be to To suit your personal taste but for the Time being let's warm this up this is Now on its way I'm going to reduce the Heat and now comes the time for the Final touches you can always add some Little tuning into your preparation at The end this is something I always teach In our school to all the students so First we're going to add I'm going to Start with just one or two tablespoon of Cream okay it's going to mix in and Remember that corn is sweet so I'm going To add I'm going to counter B of Sweetness with a little salt in here

Okay very important and you've note I Didn't add any pepper because I've now Discovered that you know Cameroon it's a White Pena white pepper freshly ground It's from Camerons from Africa it's Beautiful and it's really kind of heat Um you know it's got a very specific Taste very Woody beautiful always you Know you know love it with all kinds of These white soups like this it goes a Very long way from here of course we Have to taste to make sure you get just The right soup you Want all Right moment of truth always so you see Not too much cream to not to change the Color I can still feel the sweetness Slightly but I think it's nicely Balanced I Think I'm going to have some more paper Just can't resist okay let's go let's Mix that in I'm going to be done And now the Volute the corn Volute is Now finished look at this consistency This is the color the texture it is Balan it is delicious and you've now Made a Volute the way it is made in a Restaurants and this is the kinds of Things I've got throughout my book these Are all the things you're going to be Learning simple recipes that use this Proper technique and that really Delivers on taste now let's do some Serving and here we are the table is

Served so for the serving you can use Ballls you can use plate I typically Kind of like to use a little plate in Here uh just make sure the soup or sorry The Vol should I say is nice and warm Very Important so you can see that Consistency of the Vol typical as you Can see it's nice and thick you can have It thinner if you Want okay and from here it's up to you You can decorate so the you know the Final touch and you can have a bit of Flare a bit of paper in here you can Have Some Chives bit of color I think the green You know kind of green and yellow and These corns remember I've left some of These corns um on Here and because I kind of like to kind Of give an extra an extra bite of corns In there but it's really up to you but In essence uh that's about it this is How you make a delicious corn vout from Scratch and trust me once you try it You're never going to do any other corn Superp okay but that complet the video For this week I hope you're enjoying you Will find all the information you need In the video description for the recipe The courses Etc I will see you next week For another video on the French Cooking Academy take care all byebye

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