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Inside the Hottest Dosa Stand in Brooklyn | Secret’s Out | NYT Cooking

Can I get the Masala DOA masala dosa Okay you know the line may be long but It's absolutely worth It pretty much every weekend snow rain Doesn't matter it's a new thing it's t It tastes good rain or shine we'll try To show up as much as Possible it's like me sitting at my House in Bangalore and eating what my Mom would make thank you have a great Weekend I wanted to share a p of our Culture through food that was always the U idea and the motto behind it it just Feels like home it feels like okay I'm In you know Brooklyn but I can get Authentic Dosas best Dosa I ever had in my life Thank you so much I'll come back to this Place when I'm visiting New York City without their support without their Eagerness to come and try we would not Be here this just fell right into the Puzzle that was missing from our lives When we moved here [Music] Mix SC good morning m [Music] [Music] Ah okay let's go Where put your shoes on I will the Please please please Please got [Music]

It by hi [Music] M in Delhi they have a special red Carrots something similar to this and They they make out of that so the drink Is so colorful I never ever imagined one Day I would be making all of This hi I'ma hi my name is wenat we serve South Indian uh food we started Brooklyn Curry Project together in 2021 we set up stall Every Saturday from 10:30 to 2:30 Opposite to the Fort Green Farmers Market we also have doing catering the Catering involves birthday parties baby Showers sing ceremonies corporate events And then we did a corporate event that Was a large scale for 2,000 people We moved to Brooklyn from Bangalore in 2016 I'm a software engineer but Profession and yes that that the work Brought me Here we both have huge families lot of Cousins we grew up around people the Initial period was a big budg justment For both of us we obviously missed all The foods that we uh grew up Eating these are the spicy chili peppers That we only get in Indian St car we Tried using the um chili that's Available in Traders Joe and everything But then somehow The Taste M differs so Much I I really don't know what makes it So

Different this starts burning your Fingers start Burning back in India we had a Restaurant after 5 years because of the Labor issues we as to close that now When she moved here every time when we Eat in the restauranta was like we Should do something we should do Something most of my fun memories are Built around Food every state has a different way of Making doses ours is the one that we Make in Bangalore which is like crispy On the outside and soft on the inside And then we use the py Masala and some Potatoes inside I'm drooling Sorry and the other one is the utap Pam Utam is like all the mixed veggies and Then we Pat it and the DOA batter and With some cash ju in It Okay we basically make two big boxes Like close to 30 L of those a batter we Sell out almost Everything it's soaked for 8 hours so it Depends on the temperature sometimes in The summer 6 hours 5 hours okay but in Winters the more you soak the batter Comes nicely Today uh W has a lot of prep to do so That's his job while I'm sitting on my Laptop and doing Nothing in initially when we go there we Forgot the pan we forgot the ladders we

Forgot the paper plates that time people Were waiting there for Dosa then Everything was there there was no Dosa Batter [Applause] I was not uh working all this Before after maybe one year of business Like started learning Everything the batter should be this Consistency not like too much Watery this becomes a little thicker Than this in the Morning these things uh earlier we Didn't know like we used to do it in the Morning Time then this like you can keep it for A week you know it it's always stays Like we learned everything by making Mistakes now it goes for one week where Nobody can touch It either please Please okay Now okay Usually when mahti is there she Tastes every Saturday in Co times we Used to go to Food Green Farmers Market Mahti mahati started set uping lemonade Stand and in the this side of the market And she was there and calling out saying Lemonade lemonade Lemonade Lemonade Market people came and told oh You should uh do it other side this is Only Green Market then she started there

And people came people had a drink in Their hand but still they got that Lemonade I learned something from my kid That day I did one person came they Heard of it they told their friends we Told their friends we told their friends We told their friends we told their Friends we told their friends so it kept Going on and on and on and on and on and On and on and a times million I was so Determined I was like I'm going to do That I'm going to start and she was Literally calling uh people hey do you Want to try some Indian food we have Some lunch combos after like 2 3 weeks One cooler then we got one table and the Fact that people were eager to try and Happy to be part of it made me so Happy we are so excited to go to the Stall even uh if it is like heavy rain Or storm people Came my name is scanda scanda Raju my name is mahati Raju my daughter said to make something Extra special for the man so we added a Little Bit and that's what holy is all about So my mom is fun caring loving look at This M I knew you would love it And a better cook than my Dad it's my Opinion I feel like my dad is more funny Like he's more go with the flow you

Don't want the chef is amazing No my sister I would say she's the Favorite person in the family for me me Too wait as you like yourself the best That was a joke I feel that was a joke I I like you the Best before Brooklyn Curry project my Mom used to like come home late at Night's cuz she was working and my dad Used to like drop us off stay at home And like do some work overnight Sometimes please go wash your hands Papa Pi forti but now I feel like the whole Family will have something that we're Working towards so I feel like that Bonded us much more Closer and takes the red one I have to Use the black go for it go for it I'm Doing a few for Yeah actually you don't have to do it I Know you're tired today you still want To Do when you put the um pel on your head You wouldn't you wouldn't cry Mar see I'll demonstrate that to You it's very very very silly but it Works m [Music] We've soaked and cooked the lentils and Tomatoes and this is for the sambar it Goes well with the mini idlies this can Be also eaten with the Dosas and we have um made the special uh Sambar powder only for uh idly DOA

Sambar when you when you start getting All the Aromas you know you know it's Done This is definitely physically strainers But then we look forward for it it makes Us happy when we meet all the people There it's really Nice see how it just slides away Even uh if one week we didn't go we will Be missing so much even sitting at home Or wherever we Are our mind will be always in the Stall Okay hi good morning you're the first One in line today Got It Hi thank [Music] You good Morning we're almost there yep thank You yep we are Ready okay Min sambar masala dosa Is we live a few blocks away hard to Miss that's the Smell now I'm on the line because it's Already align and I've already heard About it so I feel like I had to show up To kind of see what the hype was we Always come late we got up early this Morning ever since we came the first Time it's almost been every Weekend Oh this is the coconut chutney So this has coconut Tamarind and green

Chilies for the Spice I'm trying to find The pickle usually my husband has Handles this side of the Area you said graag right Yeah g DOA Masala DOA and mini IDI Sambar and Ch8 9 yeah that's a sambar this for a mini Idly yeah thank you thank you ice ice Chai some people think it's l Should be very low very Low yeah it's not like hot so I say I've Eaten here many times yeah feel low hi Good morning how are you doing today we Missed you last Week these are baby does for the babies This is how my mom used to make when I Was a kid and this is how I used to get The lunch boox so you want to give you To a Baby she can Eat yeah Oh sha she's very small we Don't have one today but you gave us a Baby Dosa last time we were here and I Just wanted to show you look At do you want to take some more today Normally when we come with the baby it's Right as you guys are setting up and so I don't feel bad about like getting in Front but you got a huge line right now Baby there is baby DOA here I didn't Make it make those somewhere yeah yeah See but that baby is still uh not ready To eat so absolutely I'll yeah take the

Whole Box it takes me back to my childhood I Just love it can we give uh some ther to Your dog oh Sure it's a plane without any spice so Oh yeah that's Why dog I'm going to have What did you did you do before you were A doar doar I still have my daytime job We still work on the weekdays I work for The City New York City you know the fair fair the the Omni Thing that's in the Metros we we Programmed those oh wow yeah you become Famous for cooking I found my calling I Like I like this better I like to cook For people people and talk to you All oh yeah thank you I feel the same Too and the community here is so Amazing some day we have not slept for All night when we preparing the stuff When we go there when we stand in the And people will be coming new people They're talking and they were saying oh We came from here and we were talking to Them then we forget all that uh pain in Our Body hi hi hi Hi what happened I ate chocolate Cake whatever the physical stress is There mental stress everything will be Gone they're from the The Farmer they Give the potatoes every week so see These potatoes here every week that's we

Use it for the ragi DOA how long have You known each other yeah 2 years 2 Years yeah 2 years now 2021 they are all Our like first customer when they came Like that's why before there was a line [Laughter] Line have the bottom oh thank You they are from um the the from the Apple stand Apple stand and look at our Treats how many doses today uh just one Okay so much thank you have a good Weekend yeah you Well what's Next so basically just [Music] Are you all Yes three chanes and they're all Different colors we didn't realize There's the Indian flag going on here All the three Colors we want to have a small [Music] Water monthly on Sundays we do a seated Event every month we change the menu Hi all happy hly [Music] Everyone thank you uh mahadi wanted to Talk to you all about what holy is and Everything but oh yeah there she is it Was named holy because there I was said This day a god killed an evil witch kind Of demon and her name was holy C and Holy we white clothes because we we take Colorful powder and thr at each other

Thank you At the stall we can only do so much in These heated events it gives us an Opportunity to introduce much more Cultural food and share it with the People Here when we moved here we were like oh I can't find any Canada people here but Then once we started doing the Dosa it's Like the DOA real them Out that's my son he made all for you Nice oh my God delicious was amazing so Incredible could be like a high-end Restaurant right Now uh my mom is Canada and so she spoke To you for a little bit in line that's Really special thank you so much great To see you Again yeah we're excited to come and Have does again soon definitely yes see You soon it was all the word of mouth And people kept coming back which kept Us motivated from where I come from Selling food at the street side and all It's like my even my parents would think So I mean you you're studying and you Know you're working why do you want to Do this but then when I saw that I I my Mind mindset changed we feel like we are Building a good Community when we said We don't have friends or anything but Things like this happen we feel so Grounded and and and it it is emotional For us we feel like it we're being part

Of that big F family he'll go Behind can you smile [Music]

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