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The Easiest Flambeed Crepes (from our cookbook)

Welcome back everyone so as I mentioned Recently we're rotating on the channel Now from starter to main to a side or Dessert and this week after our chicken Alabi we're going to make a dessert Because the 2nd of February has gone and You know we've been enjoying it in France and this is the time of the Shandler the shandler used to be uh you Know kind of an old Latin U celebration That becames afterwards a religious Celebration and very countries like lur And Belgium and all the place around Like Switzerland there's things Happening children goes to door to door Apparently with Lantern sing song gets Presents kind of an alloween thing but In France we just eat crabs that's just Stuff ourself with crabs as much as we Can to celebrate not a bad thing because I kind of really really love crap so Obviously this is the subject of this Video the dessert we're going to be Making is all based on CPS now because In half book we just released we do have A nice recipe for simple creps at least The crap butter I'm going to leave you To make your crebs on your own first Using either your preferred recipe if You have the book you can use that one And what we're going to discover is what To do with this crap which is another Recipe from the book in how Des a Section let's go so once you've mastered

The basic creps and you've use jam and Lemon and chocolate spread and all the Cream with the kids and very kids for E The crap it is time to move on to the More adult version of the crap if you Have a dinner party this is of course The classic flambe crep not to mistake With the creb susette which is another Style of crebs that are spread with a Mandarin butter we've seen this in Another video I'll put the link in the Video description but now what are the Important ingredients of that recipe all Right for this recipe there's no way Around it if you want to have the real Experience the stuff that you get in the Restaurant these are the two things you Absolutely need to have you need to use Gr marer the real thing the real French Not some random brand it has to be gr Marer okay the CAC liquor it's an orange Liquor it's a mix of Orange Liquor with Cognac and the orange juice and lemon Juice must be squeezed out of fresh Fruits okay this is the crucial thing Next I want to show the pan now if you Go in France or to a highend restaurant You order a FL crap it will be made by The head waater in front of you with a Frying pan but not any frying B it is Exactly this one that I've got here this Is the Mel tradition series full Copper With ctin handle it is a beautiful Object because it works extremely well

It's kind of the Rolls-Royce or frying Pan it works great and it looks great if You want to serve this on your table now You can use any frying pan that is made Of stainless steel is not a problem We're going to want to steer away from Nonstick pan because sometimes the Coating can be bit damaged you're going To be boiling a syrup plus you got a FL To do so anytime time you got a FL stick To stainless steel but as I said a Simple stainless steel frying pan will Absolutely do the job make sure you got Enough space so not something too small That's 26 CM you can go to 28 or 30 cm It's fine now if you wonder why people Like so much this FL crabs is very Simple because it's got the key element That everybody likes so in France of Course we love crebs this is a new batch That I've made using the recipe from the Book but you can use crabs from the day Before even if they start to dry out a Little bit because we're going to lunch Them in a lot of sauce in there but the Sauce itself is actually ingenious Because it is all the component that you Like so first off you get the sugar and Butter to make a caramel you get that Sweetness then you got fruit and citrus You got orange juice lemon juice for a Nice fruity natural taste plus of course Plenty of alcohol we've got KAC and we Got gr Mar so when you mix this warm and

Bubbly with the crabs it's a bit of a Strike but what I really love about this Is how straightforward it is so I'm not Going to make the whole shabang as you Will have like uh in a restaurant I'm Just going to show you the thing you Should do at home that is straight and Easy so let's get started I've Got My Pan could be a frying pan and stainless Ste I'm using the copper pan or I'm Going to use it's a nice big heat on There boom and I'm going to warm up my Pan not too much just a few seconds so What we're going to do in that pan I'm Going to put my Sugar I'm going to take my butter why Not and I'm going to leave leave this to Melt a little bit all right we got some Action going look at that so I'm just Going to mix the whole lot but I'm not Going to bother to weigh too much Immediately what I'm going to do is This I put my orange Juice I'm going to put my lemon Juice and I'm going to put my Garet Okay I'm going to mix the whole gently You can use a wooden spoon if you want And all what you need to do is to wait For that mix to start to Bubble Up Now The great thing about this is that I Have already measured for you on the Book The precise measurement to get that Right balance of sugar butter fruits and

Alcohol so you don't need to think oh my God do I need more or less it's just Going to be fine the bubbling you want Is this and the catch is do not start to Place your crebs in that watery pond Because it is way to liquid the trick is To transform this into a syrup now a Syrup Doesn't mean a caramel okay a syrup is Something that has get some kind of Viscosity so usually you can reduce that By half but even less than half is fine But I'll show you what it looks like When it's done and that's it we're going To start folding the crabs so here we Are it actually took me 5 minutes the Book says 3 minutes because usually you Use a high hit but I want to demonstrate Kind of slowly here that's syrup is that Kind of consistency it's almost liquid But it's got that little syrup Consistency when you're here you don't Want to go further you can reduce your It slightly if you want and start the Bathing the crap so there's two ways you Can go and you can approach this first Off I'm going to show you the classic Way if you want to do it you take your Crap you take a whole crap and you're Going to base like this it's bit like Making a laundry you know and you're Going to place it in there make sure It's all covered in sauce in all sides And then you can start folding now the

Folding is that very simple one Fold then the other the fold you see and You got your crab that's floating away Nicely now if you don't want to do that What I've got on the side here that Works as well you can take the folded Crap and put them in there now my pan is Not amazingly wide so I'm going to put Three in there and what you can do there If you want is to leave these and based The folded craps in here that second Version of course won't have as much Syrup in the creps in there so it's up To you the problem problem with the Folding of the whole crap is that once It's folded like this you need to place One and that's in the way you have to Remove it and work one by one put them Out put them in etc etc so what I'll do I'll just do that folding like that just Fold them Around and leave them to soak in my Juice but still to be honest it's going To be great okay so that's about it You've got your craps what about the Flambe where I'm going to put my heat in Here on high the fires of Hells are Coming to you okay and once is going to Be bubbling like mads we're going to try To add our alcohol I've got a flame okay That's working on there I hope it's Going to ignite Slightly and I'm going to leave it boil All away and that's going to be it as

Soon as the Flames are off we're done We're going to take this out and here we Are you put the heat off and what you Have is this lovely homemade CPE bathing In that special grman syrup is got fruit Citrus lemon orange juice and I can't Wait to dig in so before I'm sharing With you the last detail on the picture We had already from the book let's try To cut a slice of that goodness I mean How can you resist that recipe do you See how easy that was and look at that I Mean that's like it's like eat me eat me It's like you know it's begging to be Eaten I mean what about a drizzle of Sauce on there I mean we like it juicy In town here oh man look at that it's Like and I mean the creps the homemade Crep simple as they [Music] Are and that is an Explosion of Flavors M it's insane I mean it all comes Together you see look at the plate it's Sticky look at that this is now like a Caramel a grand Mar caramel with Orin and lemon and I'm droing and it's Great wow so let's it that completes our Video on how to make the flambe craps From her book and you can see on that Picture I've added some extra so these Are the quarter of orange just the flesh No skin in there and the zest of lemon

And orang if you want to put the zest to Decorate you have to Blan them first so Put them in boiling water for few Minutes and I like to let them sit in a In a bath of grer for the decoration but That's really if you want to go you know For a dinner or something like this but Honestly the straightforward version Like you've seen you make it out of the Pan you serve it any guest that you have Any friends any family member that likes This Citrus taste will surely fall in Love with this but that's for the Dessert that we have we completed the Circle with this FL crap and Perhaps I thought that I'm might sleep To another extra special video but That's going to be for next week as for Now I leave you with that picture take Care all enjoy this crap if you make Them leave your comments in the comment Section I'm dying to hear from you to See how you like that okay See [Music] [Music] B [Music] Wind Want

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